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  1. AshrafI

    How do you talk to your parents?

    I've been having this problem for a long time now, and I've just been ignoring it as my parents seem to be in denial or challenging to persuade. Let me give you an example of what the problem looks like: I've been starting the 75 HARD challenge after @Fox made a post on it, I've been starting...
  2. MJ DeMarco

    Bitcoin goes parabolic, up 20% in one day, rises from the dead

    I own some and never sold. I didn't buy the dip though... Just kinda forgot about it. GOLD has also been slowly rising... Really interesting movements... Is the market signalling trouble in the traditional financial markets? Dollar collapse? World market collapse? Will Peter Schiff...
  3. rynor

    Abundance Mindset vs. Scarcity Mindset

    Elbert Dockery posted this before, but I wanted to bring this concept up again because I think it is crucial for entrepreneurs to understand. Part of the journey of an entrepreneur involves taking risks and making calculated decisions that require patience. When you're operating out of a...
  4. Mutant

    How to look juicier to investors

    FUNDRAISING IN THE UK SCENE ONE INT. DAY. MEETING ROOM. A UK TAXPAYER LOOKS TO INVEST IN A BUSINESS INVESTOR: I'm interested in your start-up. It's obviously splendid, but I'm still weary of losing all my money. What can you do to protect my downside? I'm considering putting £10,000 in. YOU...
  5. JimK

    Technique - Presenting the Guru

    I'm asking the group what this advertising/presenting is actually called. I see this pattern ina few places The setup is that there's a presenter who is pretty awesome (super hot, famous, wealthy, etc), but the actual source of knowledge or magic comes from someone else (I call the guru). But...
  6. AdelineM

    INTRO Introduction from France

    Hello everyone, Do not be suprise by my level in english writing, the education of the languages are not the best in France. That is not an exuse. Right. My name is Adeline. I am a woman ready to follow her intuition. I do the best as she can to have differents results then the persons I...
  7. DiamondDog

    INTRO Success is my only motherf*cking option - 25 year old lawyer

    Hey guys, I've been reading this forum for a while (also read MJ's first book) and decided to participate. I created this account a while back but to be honest, I procrastinated. There's so much learn by visiting this place frequently. Anyway, here you go a little boring background: My name's...
  8. becks22

    The Etsy Thread

    Good Morning everyone, While perusing the forum, I've seen a few smaller threads that mention Etsy but not a specific Etsy thread. I didn't know how many of you are selling on Etsy or use it at all. I thought this might be a good place to post any tips for Etsy for sellers and any other...
  9. Gaurav

    Landing page optimization advice needed

    Hi All, What else I can add/remove in this landing page? Thanks in advance
  10. Chris Dipp

    INTRO Time To Take Action - Hello From Australia!

    Hello all, Glad to be part of this forum. Here is a quick intro: A little bit about me… I’m a 27 year old male living in Perth, Australia (if you're from Australia feel free to reach out to me) I have a degree in Accounting & Finance and currently work as a CPA Tax Accountant I have tried a...
  11. MARKETPLACE Nice opportunity for Amazon Account Owners

    I have been working as a go-to for seller account reinstatement for a while and have kept a sharp eye over simple but devastating mistakes that can ruin a seller account. I intend to stick to my plan of helping people out in this regard relieving them of handling the operations. This is a shout...
  12. mikodigital

    CENTS spreadsheet + Entry/Need Formula

    Hello Fastlaners, I am looking for a way to select the best idea for a Fastlane Business in an attempt to LIMIT RISK. I have searched the forum and found very interesting threads about google and adwords but wanted to include it in a global approach, so this is what i did. CENTS spreadsheet...
  13. Guts

    There is no such thing as talent.

    Hey guys, I was talking to my girl friend and she was telling me how she loved art more as a kid. She's a phenomenal artist. But one time she entered a competition, and got told by judges that her work didn't follow the guidelines and lacked innovation. After that day, she never did art...
  14. zhangmin_007

    INTRO hello, from china

    nice to meet you guys.i am from name is 章敏,thank you.
  15. Matt Hunt

    O/T: HEALTH Working a 10-hour day once a week increases stroke risk by nearly a third, study finds

    I wonder if this applies to entrepreneurs, or is it just for jobs? I am in healthcare, and I see so many patients who literally give up their health for their job. Sadly, it's just as bad, if not worse, in the healthcare industry! Which is why I'm switching into the Fastlane...
  16. MoreValue

    LANDFILL I'm wasting time.

    If you have seen my previous posts, my business is at a halt because I lack money. Any action I take requires money to be honest. I have been applying to jobs non-stop and didn't realize how hard it was to actually get a slowlane job...only one interview. Then got rejected. Freelance? I have...
  17. Guts

    BOOK Recommended books for new Real Estate Agents?

    Hey guys! I'm trying to find good books to read to learn more about real estate. Especially in knowing what to say to clients. I am familiar with @JScott and his books, but I am not ready to become an investor yet. It is an ultimate goal but for now, I want a book that can teach me the basics...
  18. jpanarra

    Took a Hiatus - Doing Too Many Things At Once Is Not The Way

    Hey all! JP here! It's been some time since I've posted on here... I see that there have been a number of changes around here.. New Digs and I'm liking the color scheme and seems like all the fast-lane dollars are gone. Its been an interesting journey since I've started in 2016. For those who...
  19. GJVH

    Family with a different mindset

    Hi guys, The problem I want to talk about is having family members with a different mindset than yours. I come from a family with mom, dad and two older sisters, I am 19 years old atm. I have decided 2 years ago to quit school and that decision made my life turn upside down. I'm now reading...
  20. INTRO Where Should I Go From Here?

    Hello. I don't know if I posted an obligatory intro but this post will show where I'm at financially, where I want to be, and ask how to get there. I need ideas because I'm getting older and still working at a damn desk. Current Financial Situation *Job ($70k/yr) - I work Mon-Friday in...
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