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  1. Samera

    Making Money With Web Design 2017/2018

    Not to "butt in" but personally that email still reads off confusing, the second sentence mainly, on first read it sounds like you're asking them to prove their credibility to you. I'd reword it to get the point across with confidence, something like: "I know proving credibility to clients and...
  2. Samera

    INTRO Hello from the UK

    Welcome mate, I'm new here too but I can relate to what you're saying 100%. For me it's about finding a place you can think, with no distractions. I thought having a home office would be the right move but in reality it's still incredibly hard because like yourself I found myself in front of the...
  3. Samera

    WEB SCHOOL Fox's 2019 Make $100k Starting Web Design from Scratch Challenge

    You're looking for "inspect element", essentially just right click on highlighted material on any website and hit "inspect element" and you'll see a developer box pop-up. You may want to give this page at Google a look over: Inspect and Edit Pages and Styles  |  Tools for Web Developers...
  4. Samera

    WEB SCHOOL Fox's 2019 Make $100k Starting Web Design from Scratch Challenge

    Think this is what I like the most about @Fox content, he make's it clear that as much as having a "pretty" website is great, the most important thing is improving on weak points and getting results. As you say, it's all about value! A SquareSpace website may be cheap/simple but can it return...
  5. Samera

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    My 50L North Face rucksack: I've slung it half way across the world and back, pretty much carries everything I need and after 6 years it's only just picked up it's first rip (which is cosmetic and doesn't affect the usage at all).
  6. Samera

    INTRO Trying to push to the next level

    Hey guys, been lurking for a while and figured it made sense to finally sign up and say hello! I'm a graphic designer/web designer by trade, and have been for the last 10+ years since dropping out of college (which I went back and completed may I add!). I've been stuck in somewhat of a loop of...
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