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  1. YouTube animation

    Hey does anyone know what animation software mj uses in his YouTube videos?
  2. No direction

    I have the desire to be an entrepreneur but I just dont know how to properly execute my ideas.I'm 21 years old and I already feel like I'm 40 years old. My life is going nowhere fast, I still dont know anything about anything, I still live with my parents who are rich and make me feel like I...
  3. WEB SCHOOL Templates yes or no?

    Is it considered cheating if I pay to use a web template for my upcoming ecommerce site? I want to learn to code and everything but I feel like using a template saves time and it really does look a lot nicer.
  4. Online smokeshop. Yes or no?

    I'm starting a weed paraphernalia business online. There are many notable sites already up. Despite that the margins are really high. Plus with weed becoming legal all over I think that demand for paraphernalia might increase. I know it seems like cheating but I'm using templates from hostgator...
  5. INTRO Hello MJ

    Hello @mjdemarco My name is Akash Acharya. I'm an aspiring entrepreneur from Douglasville, Georgia. I'm 21 years old and I have an idea on where I want to go but am still unclear on how to get there. I'm here because I was inspired by the MILLIONAIRE fastlane to escape the rat race and to...
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