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  1. Danny01

    EXECUTION Job Website Created… Now it’s time to grow it!

    I have a similar site started about 3 months ago. The website is Recruitment Beam - a Job blog targeted at a Nigerian Audience. Traffic is about 2k daily from Google and increasing greatly.
  2. Danny01

    Book: Blue Ocean Strategy

    The new forum UI sucks honestly. I'd prefer the old version.
  3. Danny01

    Huawei : How lack of Control hits hard on a bigger scale.

    Hauwei will develop their own OS. A very big challenge ahead
  4. Danny01

    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2019?

    Build 3 Niche Websites Earning a total of 10k Dollars Per Month from AdSense
  5. Danny01

    GOLD! Blogging for Profit (With Legendary GOLD Follow Up Posts)

    Many people complain that Blogging is dead because of lack of traffic. For me, SEO is the lifeblood of the biz.
  6. Danny01

    Google AdSense Publishers Thread

    I'll like AdSense earners to post their contributions here. What's been working for you and how much revenue you're generating from your sites? It could inspire and help some people out there who are working hard to earn some income from their websites.
  7. Danny01

    Google Adsense Disabling Account for no reason

    Google AdSense recently disabled my account for one of my blogs. Surprising thing is this isn't the first or second or third time. I never violate their policies as far as I can tell. Each time this happens, its mostly close to the time I'm about to reach threshold or collect my earnings. I'm...
  8. Danny01

    WEB SCHOOL Humble Hustle & adding value via Web Business - Progress thread

    Nice progress so far. I'll be meeting hotel owners in my province from tomorrow to pitch them on the need for having a website and also integrating direct booking to it. I hope they'll see the need.
  9. Danny01

    Local Lead Gen for Insurance Company

    How do you approach business owners you've never known before? How do you communicate with them and convince them to bring out cash? What do you say on the phone call with a business owner you've never met before?
  10. Danny01

    Local Lead Gen for Insurance Company

    Instead of spending large amounts on ad banners on roadsides which is not targeted, they get targeted potential clients at a lesser cost aside payment for my services.
  11. Danny01

    Local Lead Gen for Insurance Company

    How does he charge the agents? Pay-Per-Lead or Monthly recurring payment?
  12. Danny01

    Local Lead Gen for Insurance Company

    They offer all of the above.
  13. Danny01

    Local Lead Gen for Insurance Company

    Thanks for the advice @RazorCut. I'll be open minded and find out about their current method of getting leads and how it is working for them, then I can customize a better and cheaper way to help them.
  14. Danny01

    Local Lead Gen for Insurance Company

    I'm meeting with a Multi-National Insurance Company branch in my region tomorrow. The meeting is about how I can generate leads for them. I want to get them clients and get a good pay for my service. But I want to ask, which method is the best for marketing an insurance company? Google Ads or...
  15. Danny01

    Starting a one-man digital marketing agency

    Most of it is past clients and their referrals. Its better that way for me because the upsell their referrals about my services before I get to meet them. By so doing, new referrals tend to trust me and bring out cash without much persuasion.
  16. Danny01

    Make $1,000 in 30 Days as a new entrepreneur

    Freelancing is the best way to generate income quickly as an entrepreneur. Simply think of your current skills you have which can be rendered to another person as a service. It could be writing, graphics design, SEO, etc. Start offering those services to others and get paid for it. Flipping is...
  17. Danny01

    Starting a one-man digital marketing agency

    January 2019 was a very profitable month for me. I made so much money freelancing than I had made the entire 2018. WordPress website creation and Design, Content Writing, Solving Technical Web issues for clients. It was simply adventurous. For the month of February, I decided to double my...
  18. Danny01

    Starting a one-man digital marketing agency

    I've decided against outsourcing the ad campaign to Fiverr. I'll learn it and do it myself. Thanks for the encouragement For a product based business like the Solar Panel sales/installation business I mentioned, is it good if I create a simple mobile landing page with a "Call Now" button and a...
  19. Danny01

    Starting a one-man digital marketing agency

    Update: I met with a potential client who owns a solar sales/installation company. He showed full interest in generating leads online. After some minutes of discussion with him, I discovered he has an online store which is neither optimized nor updated for his keywords. I never talked to him...
  20. Danny01

    GOLD! Paid Advertising Crash Course

    Can someone link me to a sample of a good landing page preferably with Just mobile telephone number, a request-for-call-back form and maybe an address
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