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  1. It is time to invest China shares

    it is not a secret in the end,but it is also useless information.
  2. It is time to invest China shares

    most people losing money in the end,that is why I do not disclose. My information is valueble. You can join my privated offered fund and you will know the secret.
  3. It is time to invest China shares

    can you buy A share? I just mean there are some chances for ten-baggers. I have no idea about other investors'. Generally,I am correct. Why? I cannot tell why. But you can do a widely careful study on politics,economic,history,maths,world economy,psychology together with Stock market...
  4. Chinese stock market

    after Olympic Games,it will be 7000-8000 10000 in the end of year.
  5. It is time to invest China shares

    Shanghai Share Index is 3500+ and it will have 3-5 times rise in coming 12 months,believe it or not. I would like to invest 10 times rise share with you. This is century invest chance and I found nothing in other nations. in the past 6 months,a 50% of drop of China stock market will make...
  6. Chinese stock market

    So,the result will be quite different:):smx2:
  7. Information for friends want to do business in China

    :) it should be 'Five: Go to someone who knows English, at least knows English well for advice...' right? I am not careful in writing formally ,maybe I should change . One of my English friend told me that my English is better than his. The reason is I am very careful in writing then:)
  8. How I Did It: Jack Ma,

    hehe ,it is not.On the contrary.
  9. Information for friends want to do business in China

    I came here and got messages asking about to do business in China. Now share some info here and hope it helps a little. First:It is difficult if you do not know how to do. Second:You know how to do,but you cannot do it,it is also risky. Third: you can do it and others can also do it,if do not...
  10. From 10 Hours a Week, $10 Million a Year

    Dating + Game =Most of Netizens activities in China Net Bars
  11. How I Did It: Jack Ma,

    Mr. Ma is a legend. Great in my eyes. His creating millions of job positions for China. And no fee,not like ebay,so ebay lost China.
  12. 7 Habits of highly innovative people

    and plus a habit I read in other places : Do not fall in love.
  13. Anybody here invest China stockmarket?

    I think wait for a few days,the most important chance in the year is coming: It dropped a lot these days.
  14. Hello Everybody here! I am from China:)

    :eusa_clap: I was an entrepreneur in Beijing . Then some guys and I work on new media for years and I became an professional on marketing and competition. I majors Sino-foreign relations in graduate school and now do some personal consulting service via when I am...
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