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  1. Bon Appetit

    EXECUTION My road to freedom - mobile app and web company

    Keep up the good work. Are you working also on iOS?
  2. Bon Appetit

    How are you recapping your book material?

    Best way to remember key points in the book you read is to apply the knowledge you have learn. Otherwise I like to make a small summary of the book once I finish it. It allows me to structure the knowledge I just get from the book and I can go back on it to refresh my memory about the book...
  3. Bon Appetit

    How to Kill Apathy and Excuses...

    Nice to see you back on Youtube, thanks for sharing value. Hope it will reqch more and more people
  4. Bon Appetit

    What do You do to assure peak performance?

    @Gunther Herzog Hi, no I haven’t read Tucker Max’s book, never hear of it actually. I got those informations a little bit from various articles on internet. Also, as a poker player, I read about mental which is really important in this game. You have to develop your focusing power and have a...
  5. Bon Appetit

    I have finish reading book The Unscripted.

    Nice, go for the fastlane millionaire if you haven’t read it yet, valuable content
  6. Bon Appetit

    What do You do to assure peak performance?

    Good sleep Good diet Daily exercise Try to be regular with those 3 pillars first and it will increase your performance. More focus, more motivation, more energy overall.
  7. Bon Appetit

    Motivation & Does The Early Bird Catch The Worm?

    +1 agree, you have to go with what works best for you
  8. Bon Appetit

    Motivation & Does The Early Bird Catch The Worm?

    I think it depend on people. personally I found myself more productive when I don’t force myself to wake up and allow my body, my mind to get the rest they ask. And then I can work during the day and do what I have to do as much as someone who always wake up early. Some people find more...
  9. Bon Appetit

    INTRO Finally signed up for the forum

    Agree with you that people don’t think enough about their actions. Critical thinking is ridiculously lacking, which make people easier to get scripted, right. Welcome to the forum Shanell.
  10. Bon Appetit

    "If I had a second chance..."

    Live at you fullest, make sure you don’t have regrets when you will be old. When I reach an advanced age, I want to turn back on my life and be satisfy with my journey. Thank you for this quote.
  11. Bon Appetit

    INTRO Greetings from Germany

    Welcome to the community, wish you success for your journey :)
  12. Bon Appetit

    The richest place on earth

    Thanks for the kick in the butt motivation quote
  13. Bon Appetit

    Meaning and purpose

    If you don’t find meaning and purpose in ‘what you can get’ being an entrepreneur, maybe you can find meaningful reasons in ‘what you are getting away from’. Just have a clear look around you, and look at the majority’s people life, scripted life. People are stuck with a job they don’t like...
  14. Bon Appetit

    INTRO Intro

    I like the mindset, welcome aboard Penguin
  15. Bon Appetit

    Don't make the same mistakes I did...

    Thank you for sharing startinup. True, without money when you start a business, it will be some much stressful. If you don’t have this money cushion, it will be more difficult to start a business since you have also to life expenses and others expenses related to you business. So building a...
  16. Bon Appetit

    Is Marriage Part of the Script?

    Marriage have been created by men, it’s an act that have a religious meaning and that is cultural. I understand that and I respect that. From my point of view, I feel like marriage goes against nature as a human being. For millions of years, humans were not going into lifetime couple alliance...
  17. Bon Appetit

    INTRO I am here to learn from other entrepreneurs.

    Hi Miguel and welcome to this valuable forum. We are looking forward to hear from your success and hope that you find this entrepreneur community helpful for your journey. All the best.
  18. Bon Appetit

    How can I change my environment?

    I can understand that the environnement can slow you down a lot, when your surrounding (family, friends) are convince that slowlane are the best and only choice in life. Whatever you do, they will find it wrong and they want to help you so they will try to prove you wrong or try to convince you...
  19. Bon Appetit

    Junior in college, working a part time job, and just failed a huge exam.

    Actions speak louder than words. Show us your worth, the fastlane is not an easy path. good luck with your journey.
  20. Bon Appetit

    Unscripted Wisdom, Beliefs, Memes, More!

    Message is ok, however I don’t like the image that much
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