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  1. Ideas using Machine Learning?

    How do you find these face-to-face teaching opportunities?
  2. Ideas using Machine Learning?

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I can't even use Upwork anymore. Even though I completed projects with a couple different clients there, I was banned from the site without an explanation. I contacted them numerous times and they declined to give me an explanation for the ban
  3. Ideas using Machine Learning?

    Ok that makes sense. I did freelance a bit in the past. I had a few different clients I found from Upwork and other sites, but those were very short-term projects
  4. Ideas using Machine Learning?

    I already have a job, but it's image processing (with a little deep learning) related. I also have freelanced a little bit in the past. How is freelancing part of the fastlane? I don't see how it generates passive income and scales
  5. Ideas using Machine Learning?

    Ok, so once I find a need and can provide value, is someone like me who already has years of experience with programming in machine learning (but nowhere near expert-level and there's tons of people who can program better than me. I also have no web programming skills) better off working on the...
  6. Ideas using Machine Learning?

    I have some knowledge in machine learning, image processing, and deep learning. I was hoping there was a way I could use my knowledge of ML to work for myself and scale it and generate passive income, as opposed to working for a company or as a freelancer The only action I've really taken is...
  7. GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Just finished reading it. It's an excellent book
  8. INTRO Software Engineer interested in Machine Learning/eBooks

    Hi Everybody! I just finished the Fastlane Millionaire book and that led me to this forum I have a Master's degree in STEM, I work in image processing (software engineering), but I also have some knowledge in machine learning and deep learning. I have also struggled with depression which led...
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