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  1. mike24601

    Just bought a house for $9,000...

    It's funny how tastes change over the decades. Just think, at one point someone said "ugh, that hardwood floor is so dated and hideous. Better cover it up with this orange shag!" If you have really squeaky floors, there are special screws that you drill through the floorboards and down the...
  2. mike24601

    Photography and fastlane

    It's crazy how much image quality you can get for your money today. My MF studio camera, albeit I'm still shooting with film backs and Fujichrome, ran me about $500 USD with accessories and a lens on eBay a few years back. Brand new, it cost more than a car and the lenses were additional massive...
  3. mike24601

    Photography and fastlane

    I've lots of photography experience, not only as a once serious hobbyist but also at one time I did photojournalism work. I knew many people who have tried making a living behind a camera in weddings, in the news business, and such. Photographers offering services today are a dime a dozen on...
  4. mike24601

    Why should I have kids?

    Posts like these highlight how strong a hold our societal norms and taboos have on people. You know you don't want kids, neither do I. Later in life that may change when you've accomplished the things you want to accomplish. There have been quite a few movie stars and famous musicians who, in...
  5. mike24601

    Anyone else notice that McDonalds is making a *killing* lately?

    Warren Buffett is notorious for eating McDonalds every single day, washed down with multiple regular cokes. A man who has money to eat whatever he wants chooses McD's. But he probably receives some kind of alien blood transfusion every week so it's unrealistic to compare his diet choices to that...
  6. mike24601

    Just bought a house for $9,000...

    Great find! I love those old, turn of the century farmhouses. This one looks to have great bones, just needs some updating here and there. Did you get the furniture with it too? I have seen a few houses for sale dirt cheap that belonged to an elderly person who passed away and the family doesn't...
  7. mike24601

    Grant Cardone, Alex Becker, Gary Vaynerchuck

    Haven't had any exposure to Alex Becker but I really enjoy both Grant and Gary. The majority of their "coaching" is FREE to the public on YouTube, or via their podcasts on Spotify. I've paid zero money to Grant and Gary and have gotten hours and hours of excellent content. Why bother paying for...
  8. mike24601

    INTRO Homeless Man Looking to be Rich

    Well, you've got a 3.98 in CS. You're likely not lacking in talent nor capability, what you might lack is a good idea. Many times people get their Fastlane idea inspiration from working many years in their respective industry. One day they just get sick of hearing people bitching about XXX and...
  9. mike24601

    Crypto Trading

    The crypto market is clearly manipulated by both benevolent and malevolent forces. Supposedly just 1,000 people control about half the Bitcoin market. All depends who has more push/pull at the time. No surprise though, this is old hat and goes back hundreds of years in the stock trading world...
  10. mike24601

    I f***ed up.

    My background has been in aviation most of my adult life. I started as a helicopter mechanic in the Navy, got my private pilot's license, gassed up jets and waved wands for a time, and even worked as a flight attendant for a few years as well. The job was actually to become an air traffic...
  11. mike24601

    I f***ed up.

    It's been a while since I've visited the forum, let alone posted anything. For basically the last 12 months I've been busy cultivating not a business, but a J.O.B. Those of you who know the Fastlane and Unscripted books are probably shaking your heads, but that's what I did. Last summer I was...
  12. mike24601

    College Grad - Need Finance Advice

    Good job on graduating debt free! My philosophy when it comes to education is to try to get it free or nearly free. I wouldn't call your car purchase an investment, because in the end it's a depreciating asset and will only lose money from here on out. But if it makes you happy, it's certainly...
  13. mike24601

    The Benefits of College (other than making you more likely to get a job)

    I'd add one caveat to this. Law school is probably the biggest scam in the post-grad education arena. JD's are a dime a dozen out there now and the workforce is in a massive, soul crushing glut. If you go to law school today you are more likely than not heading down a path towards despair...
  14. mike24601

    The Benefits of College (other than making you more likely to get a job)

    My advice to anyone seeking formal college education is to do it Cheap/Free, and Fast (3 years or less). I earned my college money via the military route, and went from a D/F student in high school to graduating at the top of my college class with zero student loan debt in less than three years...
  15. mike24601

    NOTABLE! What is the WORST "value" you ever paid for?

    Before TMF, I once bought an extended warranty from a car dealership. $1200 for 12,000 miles of coverage, lol. Came to my senses a few weeks later and canceled most of my money back too!
  16. mike24601

    WTF Should I Sell?

    Find Udemy course on eCommerce, exchange your money and time for valuable knowledge, watch and learn how to scout for products.
  17. mike24601

    GOLD! Moved to Scottsdale, Growing a Web Design Firm

    Watch out for scorpions! lol
  18. mike24601

    EXECUTION Joining the Army to get my shit straight

    @Spicymemer45, I wish you well on your new journey in life. I was once in your exact same shoes, and chose another armed services branch. It was all worth it. The next few years will be extremely challenging, but you will reap rewards for the rest of your life. Keep out of trouble, pick your...
  19. mike24601

    INTRO Lucky airman

    Welcome to the forum. Now that you've got some dough laid away, start by reading the two books that this forum is built upon: The Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted. The vibe here is all about doing your own research and due diligence on things when it comes to "I have $XXXXXX, what do I do...
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