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  1. Joel Heffner


  2. Joel Heffner

    GOLD! Save Yourself Years Of Frustration; It Worked For Me!

    Well, now I know why I suck. I've heard this in other ways before, but It's never really sunk in until I read this post. My problem is that I rarely try to solve the problems myself. I'm cheating myself out of learning this skill. I've always been the type of person to not want to reinvent...
  3. Joel Heffner

    INTRO It's harder to start the longer you wait

    Awesome George! There is i something to be said for oppression, pain and awful hands dealt to you in life in that it forces you into extremes. This is why people in countries where Christianity carries with it a death penalty are the strongest in their faith. If someone has it easy, there is...
  4. Joel Heffner

    INTRO It's harder to start the longer you wait

    I've always known something was wrong. Life had never made sense to me when I was growing up. My parents didn't hate their jobs, and they had "good jobs". How was I supposed to get excited about trading hours for dollars? There has to be more in life, right? Well, I was too lazy and too...
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