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  1. Remiremi


    You seem like a hard working young guy, your only problem is Time. Wanting to succeed on a short time frame is very stressful and you will make strategic mistake. If you had one year, you would probably be able to reach a better kind of financial independence. But the time pressing issue is...
  2. Remiremi

    Marketing company, but I'm a pure middleman

    If it's easy it's meant to take your money.
  3. Remiremi

    Should I learn copywriting or programming?

    Définitions: I define short term as about nine to fifteen months and long term as about four to five years. Let's just be clear : you won't make money short term with programming if you start from scratch today, so funding your startup this year with programming gig is just a pipe-dream...
  4. Remiremi

    Setting up a business in Bulgaria vs Estonia

    No in France, but it looks like there is a dta between both countries
  5. Remiremi

    Setting up a business in Bulgaria vs Estonia

    Sure thanks @jonahsr, I plan to create my OOD in two or three months
  6. Remiremi

    Setting up a business in Bulgaria vs Estonia

    How did you created the OOD? Did you moved there to do all the paper work?
  7. Remiremi

    Ideas using Machine Learning?

    Really depends of your geography to be honest. In Paris, ML is fashionable so I guess those opportunities are easier to come by, what worked for me to get the foot in the door was a mixture of two things A) Having a profile on a local freelancing platform B) Volunteering to teach AI for free...
  8. Remiremi

    Ideas using Machine Learning?

    Hey @Rodmunch1 Although freelancing is not fastlane, as @lowtek said freelancing is a good way to get the grind going, also you can generate much more cash than a 9-5 and be in control of your hours meaning you can make room for rest or for any other side projects you like. Plus some other...
  9. Remiremi

    NOTABLE! The Ultimate Guide On What Books To Read

    Stress training for life - Jim Loehr
  10. Remiremi

    WordPress or Learn to Code?

    Try to do it without learning to code. Start with WordPress or Wix or whatever can get you started today and go help people right now. Outgrowing your platform will be a nice problem, it means your onto something. Ps: learning to code a good website from scratch will take you far more than a...
  11. Remiremi

    NOTABLE! A Fastlane Test - What is Your Locus Of Control?

    Internal Locus||||||||||||||58% External Locus||||||||||||42%
  12. Remiremi

    OFF-TOPIC This is how scary AI has become

    Well not for free, there's a hefty cost incurring in creating such A.I. systems.
  13. Remiremi

    PSA: Udemy $9.99 Sale For Another Week

    May I ask you which one?
  14. Remiremi

    GOLD! Lex DeVille's: 15 Days to Freedom - Make Money Copywriting in 15 Days or Less

    Day3 Get Your Body Beach-Ready in Three Months Thanks To This App - Even If You Think You Can't Lose Weight Swimmers! Has Swimming Become Boring? Order This WaterProof MP3 Know and Make Your Workouts Exciting Again! Spend a Good Evening Drinking Delicious 3€ Pint Of Beer! Come This Wednesday...
  15. Remiremi

    GOLD! Lex DeVille's: 15 Days to Freedom - Make Money Copywriting in 15 Days or Less

    Day 2's challenge : Experience the Bubbling Start Up Life and Grow Your Network For Free at NUMA Café, Free Coworking Space (the product : a free coworking space in a big city) -> who am I? A starting entrepreneur with no cash-flow yet -‎> what do I want? Work everyday to reach my goal -‎>...
  16. Remiremi

    GOLD! Lex DeVille's: 15 Days to Freedom - Make Money Copywriting in 15 Days or Less

    For the first day's challenge, I shared a FB post of one my friend looking for an acoustic expert. Also, someone was asking for recommandation to help quit smoking and I recommended her a book I know have allowed several of my friend to quit this habit. (to make my message stand out I used some...
  17. Remiremi

    INTRO My journey (Engineering School & Bartending)

    Dear Fastlaners, thank you! Thank you for the insane amount of quality content that you are publishing on this forum, it's marvelous. I want to be like you when I grow up! I am 24 years old, and I live in Paris and almost did a huge mistake a couple of months ago... But TMF has saved me from...
  18. Remiremi


    Awesome complement!! I read it its awesome
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