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  1. Knugs

    Where do you work from? Home vs Office

    I cant effectively work from home. I don't know why. I had the same issue at University. Library yes, but never home. Not sure if its a good idea to combine these 2 spaces anyway. We do need quality rest too.
  2. Knugs

    How I was able to make $10,000 this month, and I'm just getting started.

    When its so wrong on so many levels you wonder if you are now morally responsible to report this guy.
  3. Knugs

    EXECUTION Unsexy Startup.

    Its illegal to wash your car in your driveway or at all when its outside a car wash in Germany. Have you checked the laws in Denmark? I
  4. Knugs

    EXECUTION Starting an Agency helping Amazon Sellers

    Just wondering. Instead of charging clients for your service, how about charging your clients by the profits/sales you have generated for them?
  5. Knugs

    INTRO Physician Intro

    I wish I had a medical scribe in ER but in Europe it probably doesn't pay having them. So does Scribe America send external Personal to support physicians? I don't really understand their service. If there is a demand, why doesn't the hospital just employ a scribe? Quick comment to locum...
  6. Knugs

    INTRO Physician Intro

    Welcome! Surgical trainee here. Your big advantage (as you probably know) is that you can work highly flexible as a locum physician. This way, you can support yourself financially and focus your energy on your fast-lane endeavors! Looks like New York has good opportunities around. Copy pasted...
  7. Knugs

    Best City/Country in Europe for Online Entrepreneur

    Where did you study and grow up?
  8. Knugs

    Best City/Country in Europe for Online Entrepreneur

    What do you need from the country? -Are you living off savings and therefore looking for cheap living cost? e.g Romania -Are you looking for a hot tech start up scene with a lot of investments going around? e.g Berlin/ London -Are you looking to open up a business easily with little restriction...
  9. Knugs

    New venture Website, Looking for feedback

    To give you really good advise for your website, we need to understand what your Business is about and how you aim to make sales.
  10. Knugs

    O/T: HEALTH Polyphasic sleep anybody?

    I tried a biphasic sleep pattern during my 12 hour nightshifts. No way it works long term. Just felt crap all the time.
  11. Knugs

    Why PRICE is the most important thing...

    They used to sell different kinds of ibuprofen for a different kind of pain. It was hilarious, you could buy 400mg ibuprofen for tension headaches or the 400mg for migraines, or back pain and they would have all had different prices on them. So people would pay for the expensive brand ibuprofen...
  12. Knugs

    E-Sports Supplements

    People will always prefer instant gratification and effect. Looking at Gfuel I feel it’s a marketing game. I don’t expect the niche to understand what’s inside and how it’s benefitting then. How many adults know in what specific way vitamins help them? They think they become healthier by taking...
  13. Knugs

    Do you think master degree in entrepreneurship is useless?

    There are some good things about Business school. You meet like minded people and have all the time on your hands to start a business without parental obstruction. You enjoy University infrastructure and get to live the student life. My friend studied at a private business school in Europe that...
  14. Knugs

    EXECUTION My biggest purchase…$40k SaaS stock trading platform, using $28k of debt

    Can you elaborate on your decision-making, I think I'm missing the opportunity. 40k for 30 active subscribers generating 2k over 3 months on a website that has been dropping numbers from its high of 150 subscribers sounds expensive to me. Why have the subscriber numbers dropped so significantly...
  15. Knugs

    E-Sports Supplements

    I can see how certain Vitamins and chemicals such as caffeine could enhance performance in E-Sports. With the right Twitch sponsorship you could get it into the hands of millions of youngsters
  16. Knugs

    INTRO Hello from Germany

    Hello from Cologne! Are your Prototypes/plans based on research/publications you have made because if yes, there is a much better opportunity for you by getting public entrepreneurial funding. I'm going through the applications process at the moment and its quite a good deal to transition from...
  17. Knugs

    Any ideas on how I can stop being a shitty person?

    You are not a shitty person at all. From my medic point of view, I would def give CBT a go (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) by a professional psychologist. CBT is good for stuff like anxiety, addictions and irrational fears.
  18. Knugs

    RANT I'm 29 Years Old With Nearly $1,000,000 In Debt!

    New UK student loans. We might have free German University but thats subsidised by giving half away in tax
  19. Knugs

    INTRO 18 year old college student, future professional fighter and millionaire

    +++ Its good to have dreams and I'm glad you aim high. When I was 18 I was putting all my energy into getting into a good college. Then at college I wanted to compete in MMA (not even mentioning UFC here) and start a business. Guess what happened. Grades dropped hugely, business never took off...
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