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  1. The road to wealth is simple: Drive a crappy car

    Man such a classic and timeless car that was ahead of it's time, always loved this design. I have a 06 G35 myself and it still looks newer than most of the more recent cars on the road. Gonna drive it as long as I possibly can.
  2. List @ The Few People who have Lamborghinis

    Yes definitely an investment like how Grant Cardone uses it. Factor in not having to deal with the headache of airports, checkpoints, and delays... it ends up being a no brainer when you're at that level.
  3. List @ The Few People who have Lamborghinis

    From a pure materialistic and financial standpoint I’d be more impressed with partial jet ownership or full jet ownership.
  4. NOTABLE! Having trouble making small talk; I don't care about other people

    After reading through this whole thread, I've realized I've overlooked the fact that I have the same issue. Definitely need to work on this as well and be focused on present conversations even if they aren't Unscripted conversations.
  5. List @ The Few People who have Lamborghinis

    Is this a joke or what??
  6. Retail Arbitrage as a Side Hustle

    You're right. Sales rank is not the best way and a lot of times is not the accurate way to judge the velocity of sales. For example: a SKU could have been out of stock for a few months which causes the sales rank to get worse and worse, but as soon as a seller has the item in stock the sales...
  7. Retail Arbitrage as a Side Hustle

    Legit? Yes Is it work? Yes On pace for 130-150k gross this year with all platforms, combination of OA and wholesale. The arbitrage between all platforms is insane. I understand the driving around and spending money on gas part, that's why there is online arbitrage that you can do from your...
  8. INTRO Squats

    Agreed, I want to be at a point where if I'm living overseas and want to return to the States I CAN maintain the exact same lifestyle here.
  9. INTRO Squats

    Funny how you mentioned, I found that website a week ago haha. I didnt realize WPB was referring to that. Yeah a lot of fastlane knowledge on that website. Basically you want to create a business that would create the lifestyle you want ANYWHERE in the world, not just in...
  10. INTRO Squats

    Nice welcome to the forum. Any specific countries you're looking to live in outside of your current country? You mentioned digital nomad
  11. Doing the Andy Frisella "75 Hard" Challenge

    Break down the 1 gallon of water into smaller amounts and it becomes much easier... What I mean by this is 8 of the 16.9 oz water bottles gets you over a gallon. You can then pour those water bottles into your standard Yeti tumbler such as this...
  12. Fox's Travelling the World while Coding Thread

    Video of Colombia looks beautiful. I’d like to visit there soon.
  13. Dealing with "side-effects" of Unscripted

    I know exactly where you're coming from. The Fastlane/Entrepreneur path can be lonely at times. I think when you get to a certain level of success you naturally attract successful people through networking but I have not reached that level yet. I think coworking space as someone mentioned...
  14. OFF-TOPIC Location-independent/digital nomad lifestyle - ask me anything

    Serious value being dropped in this thread. I have always wanted to travel to many different countries and be location independent like some of you guys. Currently improving my processes in business to get to that point. Thought I'd bump this up to the top of the forum posts for anybody...
  15. NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    Gym Membership From being very underweight and skinny 4-5 years ago and never worked out, to now being at a healthy weight with muscle and working out 5-6x a week. I believe that everyone should lift weights or do some form of exercise. The benefits for your mental health, confidence and extra...
  16. NOTABLE! The [SCRIPTED] Vault (Dogmatic Social Engineering)

    Gold thread. This forum makes me realize there is actually people that have the same mindset as me and helps me avoid the scripted world. BUMP
  17. GOLD! I have a problem with MJ DeMarco (Follow your passion gets a beatdown)

    Think about how many people there are in the world that enjoy playing guitar like yourself & think about the percentage of those people that never have to worry about money by playing guitar... You enjoy playing guitar... RESPECT The point is you have a better chance at going Fastlane with...
  18. RANT The Personal Development SCAM

    Personal development is a dichotomy to me. I usually start the morning when I wake up and listen to a podcast to get the day going on the right foot. Listening or reading personal development is better than constantly listening to music. But yes overconsumption like anything else can harm...
  19. MEETUPS Dallas....are you in here?!

    Was supposed to make it but car issues more than likely due to the flash floods and high waters. Next time guys :bored:
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