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  1. Are you most productive early or later in the day?

    Waking up at 7:30 in morning, I am ultra motivated and enthusiastic ,high energy . Then at about 1:00 pm it starts decline and completely drop at 2:00pm. Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  2. LOL, look at this BS (Money doesn't solve problems)

    Wealth is having freedom , to pursue whatever you want without asking permission from some "boss". To spend time with family and friends,strengthing relations , and to be fit physically , mentally and spiritually. Money can give it , if you use it right.[emoji4] Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using...
  3. What habit changed your life?

    Introspection . Questioning myself on my every thought, action as 'why I am doing what I am doing.. and is it productive or not'. Please don't misunderstand it with self doubt. This simple thing stopped me from wasting time on games and social media and pushed me towards books. Sent from my...
  4. Business Situations depends on many factors. Like reputation of company, its age , availability of potential buyers and many more. So if there is hope and probability of handling for some time, I will not sell. But if there is no probability then option 1is better. And sorry for bad english :) Sent from...
  5. Business Situations

    Great post! Agreed with you in all situations except the first one. I think I will not sell to any of three contractors and find some option 4 feels wierd to work in the lower managerial position for the company you started with years of hard work :) Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using...
  6. INTRO Hello Fastlaners!

    Welcome :smile2:
  7. GOLD! I have a problem with MJ DeMarco (Follow your passion gets a beatdown)

    And my passion is spinning beyblades so I will do that without earning any money until me and my family starves for food begging from other people who first ensured their survival and now enjoying their passion without starving :frown:
  8. OFF-TOPIC #DeleteFacebook

    The only community I have in my life is this forum. And all members are my real, true friends :smile2:
  9. INTRO You're from where??

    Hello everyone! I am Mukul from Rajasthan, India :smile2:
  10. EXECUTION "Put Down The FN Donuts!" (A Journey of Getting Healthy)

    Hey! I am also a beginner in yoga. Glad to see that it has become so much popular worldwide. There are some dietary rules and techniques that you can implement for getting maximum benefit of yoga. #1 Ayurveda/homeopathy/naturopathy :-It is developed by ancient sages and yogis that puts emphasis...
  11. INTRO The journey begins...

    Search 'India', you will find posts from indians. Then create a thread and tag them. Try it and also tag me :)
  12. INTRO The journey begins...

    I am from Rajasthan, India. Nice to meet you :)
  13. Should I learn financial accounting?

    Hello everyone! Financial literacy is really important for money management. But does that mean you have to learn all those accounting tables, journal, balance sheet etc? Will learning them help me in future? Thanks :)
  14. Has Anyone Ever Watched, The Secret?

    The only defect of that book is action/execution part. One has to get up and work, then apply all that positive thinking and "secret" tactics, and success is guaranteed :)
  15. INTRO The journey begins...

    Hello everyone! I am Mukul from India. First year college student in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Thought of doing MBA, getting a job etc. But then I read the millionaire fastlane... And my whole perception changed. Now I want to be an entrepreneur instead of employee, a producer...
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