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  1. OverByte

    What have you succeeded with? B2B vs B2C

    I've had more success with B2C in that I developed a profitable side business (low thousands profit definitely not massive success), however I like the idea of B2B more since I think the value proposition is much simpler (if you can show you can increase a business' profitability with a product...
  2. OverByte

    GOLD! 24 Years old: QUIT six-figure Job, Launched two Businesses

    @G_Alexander just read this thread... Wow & Congrats! You killed it through persistent effort. I had a question for you / others in the e-com space. When you launch a new product and it doesn't have any reviews yet do you have any strategies to increase trust in the product & get initial reviews?
  3. OverByte

    EXECUTION Building a video games business from scratch

    Perhaps you missed it but I stated in my message that it assumed you only showed the ad once per user session. Understood if you show multiple impressions per session the number of users is lower. My point was to figure out the numbers you need to hit revenue goals. Sent from my Pixel using...
  4. OverByte

    EXECUTION Building a video games business from scratch

    So with the cpm posted above 2-10 for your network that means best case you could make $10 per thousand users per day (if you showed them 1 ad). Do you think you could get 1000 user per day? This is very difficult. This is why I say focus on iap, ad revenue is peanuts unless you have massive...
  5. OverByte

    EXECUTION Building a video games business from scratch

    This is exactly what I did when I released my game. I do like this approach as it shouldn’t piss off uses as much as interstitial ads and gives you at least some revenue from users who won’t pay you directly.
  6. OverByte

    EXECUTION Building a video games business from scratch

    What CPMs can you get for ads? That will tell you how many DAU you would need to pull in your revenue goals. My guess it’s a lot. Referencing flappy bird is naive, that app had millions of DAU if you hit that level any monetization will work.
  7. OverByte

    EXECUTION Building a video games business from scratch

    I would suggest not adding ads until you have a popular game else you won’t make any money and just piss off initial users, if the game catches on just release an update with ads if that is your monetization strategy. In my opinion the smarter bet is to ditch ads and focus on IAP. Seem to be a...
  8. OverByte

    Software Business and Technical Debt

    My two cents. Be as scrappy as you can starting out and get sales, this is your number one priority as an entrepreneur. You can use revenue to hire better devs and fix tech debt later. Yes it will be more expensive but that is irrelevant, no point making something exquisitely engineered that no...
  9. OverByte

    EXECUTION Building a video games business from scratch

    What are the dislikes for Unity? This is what I used to develop the game I mentioned and I was pretty impressed with the tool. It's got a lot going on at first but pretty intuitive once you get into it. It also has a ton of assets and the community is very large (I'd guess the largest of any...
  10. OverByte

    EXECUTION Building a video games business from scratch

    Interested to see how your progress goes. I noticed two things from your original post. 1 - you seemed to imply you are doing everything yourself - programming, graphics, design, marketing... and 2 - that you felt progress is too slow. I actually built a game a few years ago for mobile and...
  11. OverByte

    EXECUTION Progress Thread - End Of Shared Hosting

    Why wouldn't you use a VPS if just starting out and don't need scale? It would cost you like 10-15 per month. It would be trivial to deploy a node app. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  12. OverByte

    EXECUTION Progress Thread - End Of Shared Hosting

    What is the actual need you're solving to business owners? Software developers understand why shared hosting isn't ideal but you said the market isn't software developers. What's the pain point you are solving for a business that isn't developers? You mention your product is most similar to...
  13. OverByte

    I’ve studied Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Behavior for 10+ Years. AMA.

    How has your study of pyschology impacted your strategies for selling? Have you sold products using insights gleaned from your studies? What are these most profitable insights? Are you a practitioner or a theorist? Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  14. OverByte

    Who to hire to build an app?

    I'm also in software development. All I can say here is that you get what you pay for. I'd be wary to hire an intern if you aren't technical yourself. How do you know they aren't just producing shit? The more complex the application the more the risk. Is this handling user data, how is security...
  15. OverByte

    WEB/DIGITAL Wish you had apps w/10 MILLION+ downloads?

    I also prefer the steps over the pyramid. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  16. OverByte

    Building a Team of AR developers?

    AR programming is no different than any other development. iOS and Android both have frameworks for AR that simplify things alot. App dev in general can be either very complex or very simple depending on your product. Before you build this, how have you validated that businesses want this...
  17. OverByte

    EXECUTION Journal of Next Business

    @EasternCrane you're initial emails look like they provide 0 value to the recipients. You are cold emailing and asking for help with your business with no explanation of what is in it for them. Maybe try and think of ways you could help them in the first email. Example: freely providing some...
  18. OverByte

    FORUM NEWS MJ's book made it to #7

    I think people give the 4hww way too much shit on here. It advocates alot of the same principles as TMF/Unscripted, the title simply had the best conversion rate when tested was initially "drug dealing for fun and profit" or something like that in reference to the supplement company he was...
  19. OverByte


    I've read and highly recommended unscripted to several of my friends. Can't say enough good things. TMF was great but I think Unscripted really cements the ideas and stands strong alone. Well done @MJ DeMarco
  20. OverByte

    WEB/DIGITAL Wish you had apps w/10 MILLION+ downloads?

    I want in! Thanks for sharing Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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