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  1. Chx

    OFF-TOPIC Fastlane NCAA Tourney Bracket, Win 1 Year Insider Subscription

    Entered, bracket name same as here. Good luck!
  2. Chx

    BOOK Atomic Habits, by James Clear (Review & Discussion)

    My rating: 3.99* / 5 :star::star::star::star::xx: Format: Audible My thoughts/review: Atomic Habits is a phenomenal read if you want to change something about your life. (Hopefully, everybody reading this does...) This book has it all: Actionable advice for changing your habits Pragmatic...
  3. Chx

    Can You Take the "Dopamine Fast" Challenge?

    I did the challenge yesterday. The only rules I "broke" were no food—I had lunch—and no talking to others, which is extremely difficult if you don't live alone. But overall, I can proudly say that I achieved the goal of "having as little fun as possible." Here are my main takeaways from the...
  4. Chx

    Can You Take the "Dopamine Fast" Challenge?

    I'm going to do this tomorrow, will post results the day after.
  5. Chx

    Humor in advertisement?

    Let's say you are able to incorporate a witty, hilarious and nonoffensive joke into your ad. Will people laugh? ... Perhaps. Will they think "Gee, I need your photography services now"? Probably not. I'm a firm believer that humor has its place in almost all aspects of life. But does humor...
  6. Chx

    I have zero motivation to work after losing over $100,000

    So you've hit rock bottom. Great. I'm no life coach, but I can assure you that pills, coffee, or some motivational video will not fix what you're going through. In fact, your lack of motivation is not even the main problem here. It is merely a symptom. The real issue is your habits: and, in...
  7. Chx

    LANDFILL What can MJ DeMarco play on the piano?

    Not sure if you're aware, but AMA stands for 'Ask-Me-Anything'. AMA threads typically consist of a certain esteemed individual making a post in which they invite others to ask them anything. Threads like these are often filled with golden nuggets of wisdom. For example, biophase's eCommerce...
  8. Chx

    INTRO Hello everyone!

    Hello and welcome to the forum! If you enjoyed The Millionaire Fastlane, then I would highly recommend reading the second book written by MJ DeMarco, UNSCRIPTED. Doing so will give you a much more extensive understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset. In regards to your current biggest...
  9. Chx

    Finished The Fastlane after listening to the audio tape

    Not exclusive to MJ, but the "Fastlane Bookstore" is curated by MJ and Fastlane members: Books Fastlaners Recommend
  10. Chx

    NOTABLE! What is the WORST "value" you ever paid for?

    I once bought a $13 ticket to the Emoji Movie. The main character is named "Gene Meh". A prime example of negative value, if you'd ask me. I figuratively had to rinse my eyes out for a few hours afterward.
  11. Chx

    GOLD! 100 Unsexy Business Ideas: Name as many as you can!

    Great value in this post, @JohnnyAppleseed! This thread goes hand in hand with GOLD! - Making Money For Dummies (And In a Crowded Market), in which IceCreamKid goes into detail about the inner workings of an UNSEXY business. Give this thread a read, to those of you who haven't done so yet.
  12. Chx

    What are the odds a Female Singer/Songwriter can earn million$?!

    You are correct, LeoistheSun, but in the case that someone in a similar situation stumbles across this thread, they'd be sure to appreciate any additional advice given at the end.
  13. Chx

    Does Your Niche Have a Holiday? If Not...$ Goldmine $

    Niche holiday... hmmmm... I hereby declare that every 6th of April will be International Amazon Day! Just kidding. This is an amazing concept, thank you for sharing @Greg R !
  14. Chx

    INTRO 15 Year Old Aspiring to Become a Fastlaner

    Ah, thanks for catching me there. I absolutely understand what you're saying. Reading is not something that needs to be 'done in moderation' in the same fashion as eating, drinking, using social media, etc. needs to be. You can read in class. You can read before bed. You can read pretty much...
  15. Chx

    INTRO 15 Year Old Aspiring to Become a Fastlaner

    Thank you for the kind words, jcvlds. I'm definitely considering the route you suggested, especially due to how I've already made a few bucks on the side tutoring neighbors, family friends, etc. After all, much of entrepreneurship is simply helping others, then scaling your services to help...
  16. Chx

    OFF-TOPIC #DeleteFacebook

    Never had Facebook in the first place ;)
  17. Chx

    Pick Only 3 Pills

    I would change my left leg into pure diamond (4), amputate & sell it for a fortune, erase memories pertaining to the operation (8) and live happily but confused regarding my sudden surge of wealth and missing leg. Meeting my soulmate (5) would also be nice. Serious answer: Fame, mastering...
  18. Chx

    How do you ensure everyday is productive?

    He's most likely referring to this: GOLD! - Achieve Laser FOCUS + PRODUCTIVITY With The System Legendary Fastlaners Use...
  19. Chx

    GOLD! The CENTS Business Commandments for Entrepreneurs

    Good ol’ CENTS. If you don’t have Control, you’ll be making TENS, not millions. No barrier of Entry, and it’ll be too easy for random C*NTS to overtake your business. Without a Need you’re fulfilling, only a small SECT of people will give you money, or worse, nobody. Too much attachment to...
  20. Chx

    I launched two mobile app recently - Feedback welcomed

    Both sites look great, well done. I’ve noticed a few instances on the EZHomeService website in which you mistakenly say “B2B App” instead of the correct name, so I’d suggest proofreading both sites a few times.
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