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  1. [Rant] - Always Plottin and F***ing Love it

    Another rant with some adult beverages in me and another weekend that we're plotting..... It's F*cking Friday on 11:30.... you plotting? cus i'm F*cking am and so are your competitors.......
  2. How to protect your product from copycats

    Another way to protect your IP is to chunk out what gets done where and by whom. If you product is one that can be assembled, outsource different parts to different manufacturers. Once you feel like your prototype or early versions are solid & making money, spring the money for patents.
  3. [Rant] - Always Plottin and F***ing Love it

    So preface this by saying that i've had a couple of drinks and I'm in a ranting/reflection mood.... Some context - Been fastlaning for a 4+ years, trying to live by what we preach as much as possible, and love every minute of it. I plot about different paths to achieving what I want A LOT. My...
  4. INTRO+ 30 year old millionaire but traded my time for money

    Also.... join the inside if you haven't:hilarious:
  5. Amazon guys who work in the millions, are these guys numbers right?

    You're not reading between the numbers, a big salary or perks could be in any one of those categories and might be beneficial to have the company make less in net income.
  6. INTRO Software Developer Looking To Partner

    Def. get an Insiders subscription.
  7. INTRO So I’m officially skint at 40 AND getting out of prison

    Almost all of my mastermind group, who are very successful in their own right, have some type of issues with their background. Everything and anything is possible.
  8. Video: Why growing 10x is easier than growing 2x

    havn't even read through the thread, but jumped on thinking literally.... how can i 10x my business and boom, look at what's in this place ;)
  9. $500 in 10 Hours

    Looking to push myself and see if I can generate $500 new revenue by the end of the day (about 10 hours). Anyone looking to join in? Either way, i'll update as soon as something hits.
  10. What's your opinion on ?

    Hmmm I wonder why they would put it out then? Have you reached out to them at all? I really thought you were partnering with them.
  11. YouTube comments as a form of marketing/outreach?

    Are you looking to build a brand on youtube? YT frowns upon putting links in comments for just links sake. Also, depending on the size of the youtube channel, they'll just remove the comment if they see a link in it as it takes users away from their channel. I have heard of the commenting...
  12. What's your opinion on ?

    I have used it for the past 2 years. It hasn't replaced books for me, but helps me weed out the true gems that I want to dig deeper into. Solid purchase for me and will continue to use it. It's actually how I found this forum.
  13. LANDFILL Amazon FBA Business - Buying cheap online and selling higher on Amazon

    There was a thread recently that asked for shitty threads.... this is a prime example of how NEVER to start, lol.
  14. LANDFILL Amazon FBA Business - Buying cheap online and selling higher on Amazon

    Man, can't wait for the comments on this thread, lol.
  15. GOLD! Moved to Scottsdale, Growing a Web Design Firm

    Congrats on the first sales man! It's like a drug, that first taste was probably amazing!
  16. Your Questions for a $70 MILLION Man... ??

    A couple of questions (thought i'd mention a couple in case some probably suck): 1. What shifts (mental or execution) had to take place for him to make the big jumps in sales (0-$1M... 1-$10M... and so forth). Along these lines, what are some methods he scaled his sales/marketing efforts? 2...
  17. A-M-A Ask Me Anything About App Business (100+ Apps, 10M+ Downloads, 1 Liquidity Event)

    Thanks for the response and insightful help! Yup exactly what I was thinking. If you are okay with, would you mind sharing what your multiple was (not sale price). If not, all good. I'm relatively familiar with saas multiple calculations, but less so on the app platform side. The IP point...
  18. A-M-A Ask Me Anything About App Business (100+ Apps, 10M+ Downloads, 1 Liquidity Event)

    Wanted to chime in here, have some prior experience in this world: A lot of this depends on the context of how large your app and your team is. Only get advanced if you have people who can make sense of the data and a team that can build/execute on it (mobile also adds execution time). If you...
  19. Key Employee Requesting Revenue Share

    For #1 - Find something you are comfortable with. Seems like you have a good employee, they should work with you to find something where everyone is happy. You could also do profit share of specific accounts they 'manage'. Less risk on your part, but if they are truly a 'COO', would that be...
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