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  1. Taebaek

    How legit is 'The $50 Billion Man' Dan Peña?

    This is a good first step apporachin Dan Pena: The Official Website of Dan Pena. Founder of QLA Methodology | Dan Pena Many things he is saying we find also in the books of MJ DeMarco. I think he is not like all the other gurus, but at the end, he wants to sell similar stuff - maybe with a...
  2. Taebaek

    The #1 Book You Need to Read If You Want to Retire Early

    Hope they didn't judge it by the cover only :D honestly, when I saw TMF the first time, I told myself: "naa, not another one of that bullshit get rich fast and easy books", but than the book was recommended in a YT-Video and I gave it - luckily - a try.
  3. Taebaek


    Finished the book. I think it is more important than TMF, but - of course - both will be my advisors for the road ahead. And I think MJ DeMarco sold 10 more of them because of my recommendations :-) Honestly, I am really happy that I have found those books - I read there everything I sense...
  4. Taebaek

    GOLD! Moved to Scottsdale, Growing a Web Design Firm

    I am doing right now the same. My supervisors are a bit upset with that, but I am too good at what I am doing, and they have a hard time themselves, because the big boss is angry and there are a lot of problems in the office (caused by that man himself) ... so they never force me to work more at...
  5. Taebaek

    FAILURE The Fyre Festival Fraud; Get Rich Fast Providing Perceived Value, Over Actual Value

    some little info, if anyone is interested: the first islands in the video is Saddle Back Cay ... a few months ago sold for about 10 million dollars. The second one is Norman's Cay, next to that. Don't ask me why I know such stuff xD
  6. Taebaek

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up! also reading Peterson 12 Rules and yes, right now UNSCRIPTED
  7. Taebaek

    Lets grow Instagram accounts together

    Sure, but in a different way. Use the ones who already have a running account. I do not put in an overwhelming effort in social media for my genuine account - I use the established people.
  8. Taebaek

    Lets grow Instagram accounts together

    Hmm, for me this isn't a fastlane behaviour or goal. Instagram is a time waster, in my opinion.
  9. Taebaek

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    enjoyed and finished the book. My favourite chapter is 26 "Your Primordial Fuel: Time".
  10. Taebaek

    INTRO mediocre man on the accelerator

    Hi! I am from Europe/Germany (yes - for Donald Trump the evil country, I guess :-) ) 46 years old with a lovely family and with a absolutely normal job in a state office. I will give my best for an acceptable english :-) I've studied law and was a diligent slowlaner until I started to rethink...
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