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  1. Ocean Man

    FAILURE This is what happened after I knocked 75 doors. (Real Estate)

    This. The same exact reason, I want to go into direct mail advertising, yes many people use social media, but direct mail still has its place. And I'll conquer it. Once I find out what business I'd like to start where I am, I'll definitely utilize direct mail. @Guts Keep at it, learn from...
  2. Ocean Man

    does anyone need anything?

    You do have leverage. You're in control of your application, thus, you're able to decide who is and isn't on the application. If they're not willing to pay for your "free leads", then kick them off. I'm sure others will be more than willing to have customers come their way.
  3. Ocean Man

    OFF-TOPIC Copywriters: What is Your Favorite Advertisement(s)?

    You know, it's ironic, Jim. Up until the last two years of my life... I would've never thought that I'd like copywriting and advertising. Without ever giving writing a try. I disliked copywriting and advertising. I held the majority mindset; advertising was evil. For me, copywriting and...
  4. Ocean Man

    Doing the Andy Frisella "75 Hard" Challenge

    Followed and sent a message to the both of you! Good luck on the 75-challenging days :)
  5. Ocean Man

    Prototype patents

    Hi, @Micheadphone , If possible, the best thing to do starting out is to make the prototypes yourself. Have you researched the Australian market yourself? It might be even "better" than other options like China or Vietnam? I'd like to refer you to @Walter Hay and @B. Cole for more...
  6. Ocean Man

    INTRO Death by Volunteering -- But you've still got to network and get out there

    This. I used to use the tool Buffer to schedule my posts. That's what a lot of people on Twitter and Instagram tend to do. They schedule their posts around the times of the day that they get the most interaction.
  7. Ocean Man

    INTRO I'll be 60 before the next Presidential election and I'm still going to cancel my 'scription!

    I've been seeing you post more and more around the forum, Reed. I enjoy seeing your responses. And may I add, If that's you in your profile picture, you're looking great for almost 60. Keep up the good work on your health journey, and your future goals. I believe we have a similar mindset. :)...
  8. Ocean Man

    OFF-TOPIC This Is Upsetting

    I guess. What you pay for is what you’ll get. If you’d like to pay the lowest dollar than go right ahead.
  9. Ocean Man

    OFF-TOPIC This Is Upsetting

    When people quote this low, it drives other job requests lower. I do not use UpWork. I was checking out the marketplace and seeing the job offers for things like copywriting and software development. When you see things dirt-cheap like this, it makes others think that they can get away with it...
  10. Ocean Man

    OFF-TOPIC This Is Upsetting

    Development skills for $3-5/h should never be acceptable.
  11. Ocean Man

    Retail Arbitrage as a Side Hustle

    This. Especially if you don’t have product knowledge of what’s trending in each category, then you’re pretty done for. I spent hours a day (early morning until early-mid afternoon) going through Goodwill, Ross, etc... to no luck. You really need to know what sells and at what price people...
  12. Ocean Man

    (Video) Keyword Research for a business that wants to sell shoes online

    Besides what @Roli mentioned about "audio being too low". I believe for my older videos I either kept them at -20db or 20db, I don't quite remember, it's been awhile. I think the video was well made and informative, thank you @Andy Black
  13. Ocean Man

    IMPORTANT! How to add the "Fastlane App" to Your Smartphone

    Thanks, MJ! This makes things more convenient. I think you turned your website into more of a progress-web-app feeling. Especially utilizing the push notifications. Great update.
  14. Ocean Man

    NOTABLE! 5 Step Guide To Hiring a Rockstar VA To Handle Your Business

    Wanted to say that this thread has tremendous value, thank you @Envision. As for your VA with the kids, after doing all this, do you plan on giving her raise? Keep her more motivated and do better. In addition, I noticed that you hire them as contractors. I'm not familiar with the hiring...
  15. Ocean Man

    Somebody Sell Me on "Fastlane Insiders"

    This is the way I see it... I subscribed to the $ 120-year plan. Working at a minimum wage job in WA that's $12/h. That's $96 in one eight hour shift. Two days of working at a minimum wage job earns you $192. Can you sacrifice two days of working at a minimum wage job, for the potential to...
  16. Ocean Man

    OFF-TOPIC Show us your pet(s) !

    I’m sorry to hear about Max..
  17. Ocean Man

    OFF-TOPIC Show us your pet(s) !

    Here's my best buddy, Asher! And blessed to still have him around after the incident. Several years ago, thanks to this guy's tremendous will to live... just barely survived a coyote attack. Broken bones, and suffered bite punctures to the lungs. Doctors told us it would pretty much be a...
  18. Ocean Man

    MEETUPS Canton Fair: 2019

    I see you’re a man of culture. :rofl:
  19. Ocean Man

    MEETUPS Canton Fair: 2019

    Let me know if you ever decide to fly into South Korea, Incheon or Seoul. Would love to meet another nearby entrepreneur.
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