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  1. hydemx

    Make Money with building Websites: The ultimate Way

    It depends what basic and decent means to you. If you have a clear idea of what you need and is a static website you can grab a template and get the site up and running in matter of hours. The more experience you have the less time it’ll take of course.
  2. hydemx

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Chris Voss
  3. hydemx

    INTRO Greetings from MEXICO

    Are you guys up for a meeting or something? I'm in CDMX too! BTW, welcome ho-say! :)
  4. hydemx

    Make Money with building Websites: The ultimate Way

    As a software engineer, most of us grow up with this kind of one sided mentality about ROI. We always push for the technical mastery; we want to use the fanciest framework, use shiny things like GraphQL and other buzzy technologies, but at the end, the people who know how to sell get the most...
  5. hydemx

    Learning code & become a developer

    Learning is an ongoing effort, a process, that you need to keep fresh in order to become better. It's like every thing else in this world. If you're new, follow the ABC rule (Always Be Coding), works wonders. The more you code, the better you get at it.
  6. hydemx

    Elaborate MJ's just-in-time learning applied to coding android app from scratch

    Yep, there's no way you can build such an app with copied and pasted code from all over the internet. You need a minimum level of knowledge to make this work.
  7. hydemx

    Ideas using Machine Learning?

    This. Do not try to find a way for making money with Machine Learning. Find a way to solve a problem with Machine Learning, and money will follow.
  8. hydemx

    GOLD! Did It: Zero to $12k a Month While Traveling the World

    What an amazing story, I've felt like that so many times: I want to do a billion things but end up not doing any. Thanks for sharing your journey and if you ever come back to Mexico City, let me know, I'll gladly invite you some rounds of beers, or I can show you around the city!
  9. hydemx

    INTRO Please welcome an Irish software developer!

    Welcome Donal, I hope you learn a lot in this place. Regards from a fellow software developer.
  10. hydemx

    RANT Abood here with his burning rant.

    Hello @Abood and welcome to the forum. I totally get your point, and the feeling that you want to improve your lifestyle by doing things that you like. Like @Davejemmolly wrote before, don't engage in 'get rich quick' endeavors because you will end either burnt or unsatisfied. Instead of...
  11. hydemx

    GOLD! Achieve Laser FOCUS + PRODUCTIVITY With The System Legendary Fastlaners Use...

    I've set everything up in Asana. Being a software developer, I'm very familiar with tools like Trello and Asana, and I must say I'm not a big fan of Trello, even though I've used it several times in the past years. I was very excited to find about Favro, because it's really really cool, and it...
  12. hydemx

    Kid Made $4000 a Day Dropshipping ("Revealed" All In a Free YouTube Tutorial) - Scam or Legit?

    Well, I just finished watching the whole series and I liked it very much. I've never made a sale with dropshipping, and while I know the basics of FB Ads, image editing, and how Overlo and Shopify work, I've never taken action, being that my greatest weakness to date. This week I'm going to...
  13. hydemx


    Having read TMF and now UNSCRIPTED, I can say they're the books I've enjoyed the most lately. Definitely I'm a different person after reading these 2 guys because I see the reality with a different, much broader filter, that allows me to see things that I wasn't aware of in the past. I loved the...
  14. hydemx

    Money does NOT equal happiness

    This. For me, money is a mean, not the destination. Freedom is really what I'm after, and I think a lot of people share that vision. After reading UNSCRIPTED I changed the way I think about the money; now it's about generating value to the user, and get a voucher as a reward; that has helped me...
  15. hydemx

    Earning $11,000 vs. $60 in a Day (A tale of Fastlane/Slowlane)

    I had a deep reflexion after watching the video; it's all about our core values and goals, and how we want to live this life. While a lot of people here see clearly the difference between the slowlane and the fastlane, I also see that at the end all that matters is what you really want. The...
  16. hydemx

    The best way to make f*ck you money, Entrepreneurship or High paying employment ?

    Despite being warned by the tags, I kept reading lol and all I can say is that change starts by oneself. His entrepreneurship was born dead because that's how he wanted it and there's nothing we can do about it.
  17. hydemx

    I just left my girlfriend of 3 years, for business. Am I a selfish prick?

    Wow, just wow. My fiancee just dumped me yesterday so I have insomnia and I'm feeling down right now. However starting back in January I decided to educate myself better and started reading a lot of books. If I take all the pain and grief away from my current situation I feel kind of identified...
  18. hydemx

    GOLD! Being in a relationship with a slowlaner...

    My fiancee dumped me yesterday and I'm here with insomnia and a broken heart. But essentially yes, I felt she never supported me in my endeavors and at least now I can dedicate my full time to chase my dreams. Sent from my Redmi Note 5 using Tapatalk
  19. hydemx

    Best way to get your site up in Google search?

    Hello @Flybye Things have changed a lot during these years. Certainly, stuffing keywords in your page won't take it to the top spots in Google as SEO has evolved immensely as well. Yes, you need good content which inherently will contain some keywords you want to rank for, but also you will...
  20. hydemx

    INTRO Authentic Here. Hello.

    @Authentic welcome to TFLF :) I share your excitement and definitely I also thank MJ for what he's written.
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