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  1. INTRO (& Rant) Newbie introduction Hello!

    Thanks! I'm on it. Currently have a sidejob as a manager (ironically at a school). Learning about patent law, webdevelopment (I already have programming background), marketting and sales on the side. Other things that come to mind aswell, basically anything that helps run a company.
  2. INTRO (& Rant) Newbie introduction Hello!

    Certainly true! Was trying to say that I want to make big changes in the world. I do what I can with what I have now to make people happy. After that with the value voucher I received for them, I want to be of more value. Mainly fighting food systems, justice systems, education system, parenting...
  3. GOLD! I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    Read it, love it! The text was bitch slapping though and I find the entrepreneurship scary. However, it's better to risk hell for heaven, than certain servitude.
  4. INTRO (& Rant) Newbie introduction Hello!

    Hello everyone! My name is Kevin. I'm 23 years old and from the Netherlands. As a kid I have always angrily stated that I am going to be rich, always getting laughed at. I used to think that everything would get better once I got older. I always thought that becoming 16 years old was some magic...
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