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  1. Legacy Dad

    Hey everyone. I'm still alive, still around just working and traveling A LOT! I don't get time...

    Hey everyone. I'm still alive, still around just working and traveling A LOT! I don't get time to get on Fastlane or any other sites much besides trying to work on my own blog. I still check in every now and again and still lurk for wisdom. Thanks MJ and everyone else for all your wisdom and...
  2. Legacy Dad

    OFF-TOPIC My Son Was Born

    Hey Guys, I'm still alive. Learned another language, took some trips "abroad' and got my family settled into the Pacific NW. We bought a house $80k under value and are hoping to make some upgrades. My time has been limited so I try to give it to the family first. Haven't been on any...
  3. Legacy Dad

    OFF-TOPIC Seniorpreneur Project

    Hey Joe, Glad to see you on the site!!!! Lance from Legacy Dad
  4. Legacy Dad

    OFF-TOPIC Defining Success

    Being the best husband I can Being the best father I can Financial and time freedom Making a difference in the lives of others Living my life on purpose and following my calling Being a true friend to others Setting the example in character and morals Leaving a legacy after I am gone
  5. Legacy Dad

    OFF-TOPIC It's A Girl!!!

    Congrats!!!!!! (I knew there was a reason I smoked a Nat Sherman 1400 last night)
  6. Legacy Dad

    Options Advisory Services? Edge?

    Quick question, Does anyone have a reputable advisory service for options trading? I see a lot of hype and teaser ads but little track record. I'm looking for simple calls and puts nothing complex (no market-neutral strategy, time decay, etc.) I keep hearing about Jarret Wollstein's...
  7. Legacy Dad

    Book about recovering from business failure?

    Falling Forward by John C.Maxwell from amazon review... "The major difference between achieving people and average people is their perception of and response to failure. John C. Maxwell covers the top reasons people fail and shows how to master fear instead of being mastered by it. Listeners...
  8. Legacy Dad

    FEAR - as you pursue financial freedom

    That's funny, I'm reading "The Road Less Traveled" right now.
  9. Legacy Dad

    Action Takers - What Are You Up To?

    Researching Land Talking With Local Business Owners Getting estimates Looking at Financing options Looking at LLC options Emailing Around the World daily:notworthy: Lance
  10. Legacy Dad

    FEAR - as you pursue financial freedom

    Yep, if I go over 50% debt to income, the men in black suits come and start asking questions about my financial stability. Then I get the polygraph. I really like what I do, who I work with and the adventure and travel but my financial choices have to be very calculated before I can pull the...
  11. Legacy Dad

    FEAR - as you pursue financial freedom

    This sounds awfully familiar? :smxB: I think for me it is letting my family down again, I had some failures in the past that put us in bad financial situations. I can go through anything, but making my children go without is very hard. I also promised my wife a certain level of security...
  12. Legacy Dad

    OFF-TOPIC Fastlane Readers Club

    Hey everyone, I started a fastlane readers group on Here you can deposit your great books and share what you have learned as well as give reviews. It is a great way to share books and keep them fastlane focused. Lance
  13. Legacy Dad

    Visa IPO- Will we all be driving Lambos end of March?

    I got in at a cost basis of $55.65 yesterday morning. Looks like it is starting to climb today? I'm looking at this as a long term hold (2-5 years) Lance
  14. Legacy Dad

    Your Social Network Pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

    Here's Mine: Don't use it much, but check out my song, it rocks!!!! Lance
  15. Legacy Dad

    OFF-TOPIC Shelf Corps with Already Established Credit

    Hey all, Here is some links to the shelf corps I was talking about at the Fastlane Meetup. (Mod's feel free to move thread if this should be in Business) Remember the older the corp, the easy it is to establish credit. Some of these are existing programs with up to $1M in credit. Please...
  16. Legacy Dad

    OFF-TOPIC Beer & Pancakes 2008 Info

    re: Beer & Pancakes 2008 Info Thanks to Russ, SteveO and MJ for the coordination, tours, and nightlife. To all the presenters, thank you so much!!! I had a great time and learned so much. It was great to meet all of you and I am looking forward to seeing you again next year. FOR THOSE...
  17. Legacy Dad

    OFF-TOPIC Beer & Pancake Presentations!!!

    My presentation is about 20-25 minutes, I'll try to shorten it down but I like to talk too much and add many stories and visuals. :smxF: My Q/A will be more of an open forum and lessons learned sharing experiences and solutions. Lance
  18. Legacy Dad

    OFF-TOPIC Beer & Pancakes 2008 Info

    re: Beer & Pancakes 2008 Info Hey Everyone, I should be in around 3:00-3:30 Tomorrow (Friday) I'll come to the conference room. Lance
  19. Legacy Dad

    How to develop your PLAN

    I also have a "book fetish" I've toned my collection down to about 500 and now started on audio books. I have around 300 audio books on an external hard drive. The first thing I do when I am at someones house is look at the books on their bookshelf. You can learn a lot about a person...
  20. Legacy Dad

    Financial Literacy how much do you study?

    Great point Greg. This is the topic of my presentation at the Fastlane Meetup Lance
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