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  1. Tom Mercer

    Major Quickbooks Price Increase. Alternatives?

    Hey @WriteThatDown i always recommend Xero - my clients find it the easiest to use and Xero are very innovative and forward looking, always bringing out new features and improvements. It’s definately a lot cheaper then the $150 QB is trying to push you up to and you can have a free 30 day trial...
  2. Tom Mercer

    Introverts vs Extroverts (The forum is mostly introverts?)

    Yes I agree with Softstone, it is generally misunderstood what an introvert and extrovert is. Both can socialise really well but where an extrovert will feed off socialising and feel energised, an introvert may need to have some time alone to recover at the end of a day of networking. I am...
  3. Tom Mercer

    The "add value first" approach

    Yes I totally agree, i'm a massive believer in education and creating a community spirit. Giving away some information helps to build trust and confidence. It also shows that you really care about their business rather than just trying to make some money from them. It may not lead to an...
  4. Tom Mercer

    INTRO Hello The Fast Lane Forum

    Hey, I wish I had met you a month ago as your designs look awesome! I am fairly happy with the logo I have now but I went through a few contractors to get there and will probably want it upgraded in a couple of months. Theres a great book for you on how to grow your business and its based on a...
  5. Tom Mercer

    INTRO Hello Fastlaners!

    Hello Fastlaners!! My name is Tom Mercer and I run a Xero bookkeeping company. I have been working digitally for around 5 years now and I have created and refined processes and procedures for a couple of bookkeeping and accountancy practices. I have decided to finally take the jump and turn...
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