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  1. struka

    The road to wealth is simple: Drive a crappy car

    This is always a good topic for me because I am a car guy and I love cars but one thing I love more is no car payment. Everyone I know wants the newest car around me and keeps asking me when I will buy a new car. I always tell them, there is nothing wrong with my car, it is reliable and I only...
  2. struka

    OFF-TOPIC Does anyone else find social media boring?

    This was one of the reasons I liked Facebook, to see my family in other states and countries but with the new algorithms, I never saw any new things from my family members but useless stuff. I ended up creating two accounts, one old with friends and other with just family.
  3. struka

    OFF-TOPIC Does anyone else find social media boring?

    I felt like mine was a habit. I would mindlessly click on it when I was bored or waiting in line for something. I removed social media from my phone and set up 66 days on my calendar to break this habit. I did access social media a couple of times during this but mainly to check if anything sold...
  4. struka

    OFF-TOPIC Does anyone else find social media boring?

    I took a break from it and now it’s not as appealing. I still use it just to sell things on Marketplace.
  5. struka

    EXECUTION Bought 2 new websites from Shopify Exchange

    Out of curiosity, what are the items that the site is selling where they purchaser has to try it out in store before buying online? Part of me wants to do this as a learning experience.
  6. struka

    Harvard Online courses

    Which program are you doing?
  7. struka

    OFF-TOPIC Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk national achievers seminar

    I wanted to attend this when I saw ads all over Nashville but a quick online search told me not to attend after seeing all the horror stories. Keep us posted.
  8. struka

    Great Article on Stress MGMT for Entrepreneurs

    Out of curiosity, how were they able to identify your anxiety triggers?
  9. struka

    Why Italian graduates are choosing life on the farm

    I love this idea and I think over time we will go back to our roots of having food that is made by local farmers where we get to enjoy it seasonally. The thing that makes me wonder is how does it relate to the USA within big corp overtaking small farmers (pushing them out) and all the added...
  10. struka

    Who are you? Let's find out.

    Thank you everyone that has taken the time to reply to this and given me insightful information. Joey, THANK YOU especially as when you see the word "cancer" it puts things in perspective. Like Andy has mentioned, prayers to you and your family. I am currently going through the list of...
  11. struka

    How to Spark and Hold a Meaningful Conversation with a Fastlaner

    Loved reading this. I think nowadays so many of us lack the ability to converse so this is very helpful. Over the years I have changed from being the talker to active listener and that has helped me out a lot however I struggled with getting more information out of people without sounding weird...
  12. struka

    O/T: HEALTH Anyone using the Wim Hof Meditation Method?

    When you guys take cold showers, do you set it to the coldest setting or somewhat cold? OR do you work your way down from cooler to cold?
  13. struka

    MEETUPS Poland meetup- Krakow

    Looks like a decent amount of Polish people with great mindset. I'm polish but been living in usa for 25 years now so I'm always interested in hearing from the other side to see how it is there since I've been gone. Originally from Białystok.
  14. struka

    Who are you? Let's find out.

    I started on Jordan Peterson's course called Future Authoring, see the thread below, and as I have anticipated I got stuck on the ideal future. I have opened and closed my browser for the last 2 days without typing anything. I had this issue before but I was hoping that this time around I would...
  15. struka

    Jordan Peterson's Future Authoring program helped me achieve (literally) everything I wanted.

    I bought the 2-1 so if anyone wants one, just let me know and we can split the cost. :)
  16. struka

    Jordan Peterson's Future Authoring program helped me achieve (literally) everything I wanted.

    I enjoy Jordan Peterson so will give this a go. Looks like they are having 2 for 1 special.
  17. struka

    How not to go crazy? (draining day routine)

    I do this at work to get blood flowing and do a little extra since I am unable to hit the gym for a few months (taking care of an infant). I basically do 15 push-ups on the hour (classic, wide, tricep, diamond, knuckle, and spiderman).
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