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  1. CactusWren

    2012 Beer & Pancakes

    Awesome to live vicariously through you guys!
  2. CactusWren

    50% discount on Quickbooks

    Just saw this: Sounds like a good deal to me. I already have it, though.
  3. CactusWren

    2011 Beer & Pancakes

    Sorry to be missing it this year... Have a kid in the hospital, they should spring her soon!
  4. CactusWren

    User Name Changes

    Thank you for making mine go to small caps! Unfortunately there is now an extra "c" I almost got booted out as I tried to log in, luckily I looked around some more after 4 tries and remembered this post. What a pest I am!
  5. CactusWren

    OFF-TOPIC Fastlane Team @

    Made my tenth loan a few days ago. I love it!
  6. CactusWren

    2011 Beer & Pancakes

    Made our res Made our res @ $179. See you then! --Cynthia
  7. CactusWren

    Forum Update - Information Here

    New forum look Looking awesome!
  8. CactusWren

    OFF-TOPIC AZ / Arizona Photo Radar - Get Out Of That Ticket!

    Well, if appears I am off the hook! We'll see... They tried to serve me 5 times! Know I have to find out if I can go to traffic school now that I got a real ticket...
  9. CactusWren

    MARKETPLACE Wordpress Sites, Premium Theme Included, Autoblog Friendly

    One for me please. PM coming by this evening.
  10. CactusWren

    Chase closed all my credit cards today

    Wow! This gives me a knot in the stomach...personally and for the economy in general. I have had a couple of Capital One cards (no fees) for a few years and they have been good. Plus we do the mileage thing and that's pretty sweet for travelling. Chase reminds me of Wells Fargo (story...
  11. CactusWren

    Happy Birthday...........JILL

    Feliz cumpleaños!
  12. CactusWren

    WEB/DIGITAL $1.5 earning per sale- is that worth pursuing

    I think you are wrong about the professional look of open source products. But like anything its a matter of opinion, which is very easy to decide on if you spend 15 minutes looking at stores that use those programs...
  13. CactusWren

    User Name Changes

    So how about a handle name change that is not absolutely necessary... From CACTUSWREN to cactuswren. I always regret it, when I see my handle stand out like a sore thumb. I was not really thinking about yelling, and I seldom use CAPS. What was I thinking?
  14. CactusWren

    WEB/DIGITAL $1.5 earning per sale- is that worth pursuing

    Why would you spend that kind of money for a yet to be proven biz? There are plenty of free options such as Zen Cart, OS Commerce or even others for about $300 (Interspire). Once it can pay for itself you could move forward. Plenty of threads around here on how to do it. Specially look...
  15. CactusWren

    OFF-TOPIC Fastlane Fatty Forum

    ...and John's is on the 5th!!!
  16. CactusWren

    OFF-TOPIC Fastlane Fatty Forum

    Ok, I have been busy... Just realized I was short changing myself on the deadline for my goal. Originally I had chosen April 15th and in subsequent posts I wrote March 15th. I think highly of my discipline obviously! LOL In any case, it's Friday. Original goal: - 10 lbs Original Deadline ...
  17. CactusWren

    OFF-TOPIC Citizenship

    First you have to become a permanent resident: USCIS - Green Card Then you can apply for citizenship: Obviously , thousands if not millions are interested but few qualify. Googling is always a good place to start any research.
  18. CactusWren

    Hi, finally joined the forum :)

    Welcome to the forum!
  19. CactusWren

    Meet the new Mascot for our B&B!

    I like Corky. Not sure about the Poppins. Sounds pretty cute with the bottle pop, but also reminds mje of Mary Poppins, which could be good too, specially since you are "old world." Just don't know enough. Corsckrew Guy is definitely a no for me because of the "screw" and "guy" together...
  20. CactusWren

    Meet the new Mascot for our B&B!

    LOL! I thought it was good. In any case, do you think gender is important one way or another because of your target market or something?
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