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  1. WEB/DIGITAL Facebook Revisited

    F*ck man, I wish. I'm still trying to hit a consistent $100/day. Did you read about Jon's Aff Marketing comeback push? "Just wanted to write a quick affiliate marketing blog post here about my comeback over the last 30 days. Between three different Acai Berry campaigns and one Free Credit...
  2. WEB/DIGITAL Facebook Revisited

    Looks like FB got a little crazy with their advertising shit and revenue dropped. Whoops, time to restructure some of the advertising. There are some changes in the Facebook Advertising that went up a couple days ago, thought I would share some of this with Fastlane. "Just finished speaking to...
  3. WEB/DIGITAL FREE $250 adwords coupon (new accounts) Exp jan 31 '09

    I had some small luck with Facebook Ads, but I've also had some serious headaches. Here's what I have gathered from my personal experience. The good: Easy to target very specific demographics. Easy and fast to create ads. Ads display very quickly after approval. The bad: Conversions on...
  4. NOTABLE! $3,000 to $1,000,000 in 15 months: HOW TO DO IT

    Glad to be back, time to make up for lost time...:fastlane:
  5. NOTABLE! $3,000 to $1,000,000 in 15 months: HOW TO DO IT

    Well I'm not sure if anyone here will remember me... "You last drove the Fastlane: May 18th, 2008 at 10:53 AM" It's been a while to say the least! I didn't have $3,000 by a long shot, but that's not a good enough excuse to not take action. I spent what I could on a couple domains and some...
  6. WEB/DIGITAL Business/Tax Structure for AM

    I know, I know...I've disappeared for a while (again.) Just been incredibly busy with a ton of side projects as well as family medical problems. Anyways, just wanted to hear from anyone involved in affiliate marketing, domaining, eProperties, eBiz, ect... What is your business and tax...
  7. Do you make time for a good diet and exercise?

    Crossfit and Zone for this guy.
  8. OFF-TOPIC Inspiring

    Did everyone else already know about this or am I just easily impressed?
  9. The man who sold hot dogs...

    I wish that everyone in America would read that a couple of times over the weekend.
  10. REAL ESTATE Top Tenant excuses you've heard.....

    Are you serious!:wtf:
  11. OFF-TOPIC Inspiring I'm not allowed to make excuses for anything for a very very long time.
  12. Affiliate marketing

    Book yes, forum no.:nono: I don't need another RDPD setting. :smxE::bgh: But I digress, either way I'm definitely good for a few books when the time comes. Plus your tab when ever we end up in the same bar.:smx6: Sometimes I feel like I don't give enough thanks for the forum.:thankyousign:
  13. Michael Masterson's (Early to Rise) 22 Predictions for 2008

    That was far more doom and gloom than I cared to read. The public loves fear. If misinformation like this becomes commonly believed will some of it result in self-fulfilling prophesies or will it result in smart entrepreneurs banking? I know where my money is...
  14. NOTABLE! Dead-End Sh*t Jobs ... Yours?

    I'm not going to list them all, but the one that really made me lose my damn mind.... Being unemployed after getting out of the military. It was a good lesson to learn. Most people that I meet have become so bitter and hateful at their jobs that all they strive for is to retire just do nothing...
  15. WEB/DIGITAL Zen-Cart

    Hearing why you're not converting is never easy, but I couldn't pick a better group of people to take constructive criticism from. If you want some really brutally honest criticism stop on over at Even if you don't post, there is a crazy amount of information on everything...
  16. How to save $1,000 AND find more time for you

    Thanks for welcoming me back. I really missed all of you.
  17. WEB/DIGITAL need feedback on website and overall premise

    Mmmm, viral. That's where it's at. Great idea Carl Huber. How about doing the same thing with videos and them posting all of them to youtube. Depending on the appeal of the videos you could be looking at a good deal of traffic. What about a Press Release? I would also have to second (or, like...
  18. How to save $1,000 AND find more time for you

    I did almost the same thing, but different. I cut all of my household bills...Extra roommate! The difference in expenses has been nice. It's going to worthwhile causes- donations, paying off debt, education, and a few extra beers here and there.
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