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  1. SquatchMan

    Only one life to live - Image from Reddit

    The ironic thing is that overcoming an immense personal struggle/challenge is the only cure to depression, but the men with that mentality actively avoid struggles and challenges. It's just a negative feedback loop. They either come to that realization on their own or a strong leader inspires...
  2. SquatchMan

    BOOK Influence: The Pyschology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini

    I found it difficult too, but I muscled through and finished it because it came highly recommended. There is lots of value in the book.
  3. SquatchMan

    The "Half Baked" Ideas Thread

    That's actually a good idea. You should put it up on the Idea-Need-Executioner board. My guess is the plastic (and oil) lobby are behind this straw thing based on the recycled plastic and that Starbucks cup.
  4. SquatchMan

    How much $$$ would you need to significantly change your lifestyle?

    I can't think of anything that I really want. I'd probably get a luxury apartment ($1500/month furnished with a daily maid) and first class plane tickets, but that's about it. A Lamborghini, Chevelle, and guns would be fun. I love cars and guns. Being an expat makes that practically impossible...
  5. SquatchMan

    Transportation Maps - Rail and Ship

    Europeans always say the US has a crappy rail system, which is true.... for long-haul passenger transport. The distances are just too far. However, we have a very good rail freight system. Rail is especially great for transporting large amounts of coal, grain, scrap metal, cars, chemicals...
  6. SquatchMan

    How not to go crazy? (draining day routine)

    Get your bloodwork done and look at your testosterone levels. If it's "average," then you should consider getting on testosterone replacement to get to a healthier level. The average T-level of men is very low (compared to a man 100 years ago) because of dissolved plastic and birth control...
  7. SquatchMan

    Is it Still Possible to Become An Amazon FBA and Ebay Millionare

    People have become very wealthy doing all kinds of random stuff. Mowing lawns, selling cheesecake, selling tacos, and so on. I'm sure you can figure out how to make a million dollars on Amazon.
  8. SquatchMan

    Industry Disruption / Disruptive Innovation

    I'm going to disagree with you on this point. Disruption is independent of profit. It's about market share. The companies you listed are the trailblazer companies, which means that they have a higher chance of failure. However, those companies have completely changed market expectations and...
  9. SquatchMan

    What sort of an internet business would you do if you had $50,000 to start with?

    You could do some kind of coaching, mentoring, or blog type thing. People would want to hear your opinion with a resume like that (assuming you can back it up).
  10. SquatchMan

    Cell Phone Pet Peeves - What are yours?

    Going to a bar/club/social venue/whatever and seeing 80% of people have their head down looking at their phone. Not sure why you would go to a social place like a bar if you're going to spend the whole time on your phone. Also, when you watch a press conference or something and the camera pans...
  11. SquatchMan

    Billionaire Dreams: What Makes You Happy?

    Start an alternative media biz. There are so many very rich funders for legacy media stuff, but not many for alternative media. Everyone gets banned from income streams, so you need to bankroll it yourself. Basically a non-profit. Don't really care about the material stuff beyond a certain...
  12. SquatchMan

    Ecommerce and its Gurus: Does it work in 2019?

    Trump tariffs on China (not sure what's up with that though). There are a few threads about it if you search around. Walter Hay and AgainstAllOdds know a lot about that topic.
  13. SquatchMan

    Help with picking my next phone

    The Chinese companies that do that are the lower end ones that are basically selling a white-label smartphone. Bluboo, UMIDIGI, Doogee, etc. If privacy is important, then buy Apple. Android is awful for privacy as data collection is Google's business model. Apple at least pretends to care...
  14. SquatchMan

    Help with picking my next phone

    There really isn't any need to get a new phone unless your battery dies quick, people can't hear you, or the phone is all cracked. I'm not saying this as an "anti-consumerist-wear-pajamas-to-meet-investors" type guy either. There just isn't that much difference between an iPhone 6S Plus and an...
  15. SquatchMan

    When do you realize you are getting sold (Scammed)

    If a consultant/coach charges under $25/hour, then they're gonna suck. 100% guaranteed.
  16. SquatchMan

    FEATURED! Dressing For Success... Stop looking like a fool.

    The good part about being bald is there are only two options for a haircut (for a younger guy) and both are super simple: buzzcut or shaved. No combs. No bedhead. No shampoo. No hairstyle. No barber/stylist. No messed up haircut. I prefer the shaved head, but a buzzcut is easier. A shaved...
  17. SquatchMan

    Speed Reading: Is it worth it?

    I skim unimportant/short stuff that I still want to read for whatever reason. News stuff mostly. Interesting stuff I usually read normal speed, which is still fast. Really interesting stuff or complicated stuff gets a few reads because it takes a few reads to internalize it. I don't really...
  18. SquatchMan

    The 5am Club - Worth it?

    I wake up around 4:00AM or so. I've fallen off the wagon a bit, but no later than 8AM. Normally go to bed from 8-9PM. Would go to bed earlier but my favorite food stall opens at 6PM and housekeeping cleans my room at 5PM (I live in a hotel). Sleeping when the sun goes down is definitely the...
  19. SquatchMan

    OFF-TOPIC What kind of mattress do you own?

    So true. It took my shoulder and arm a few weeks to adjust, but I have way less back pain now. I actually think firm mattresses are better for the spine. Most Vietnamese people sleep on the floor, which I find insane. It works for them though.
  20. SquatchMan

    VOTE NOW! Book #4: Vote for Next Book Discussion!

    I loved Trust Me, I'm Lying. A must read for anyone in the media/marketing/blog industry. Never realized that he was the author of Perennial Seller. Will have to check it out.
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