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  1. lewj24

    Help!!! At the verge of being Broke.

    You have a victim mentality. This is your problem. Based off of everything you've said in this thread you have no options. No way out. You can't get a better job: You had to get into debt: You can't get out of debt: You can't start a business: And you don't have any time or energy...
  2. lewj24

    RANT Canadian health care: Time to face reality

    The gov't ruins everything it touches. The Free Market rules all!
  3. lewj24

    INTRO I'm going to be honest... I really don't care.

    "A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle." ~ Benjamin Franklin
  4. lewj24

    Should I take a job

    How can you afford to do anything without a job?
  5. lewj24

    A Silly approach to cryptocurrency investing???

    You forced me to call you out on this comment. This makes no sense. Gold definitely holds its value. Crypto is too young to know in my opinion. But Kak has a point people in Venezuela are buying it like crazy. But car parts?? Come on. What's that have to do with what we are talking about? If...
  6. lewj24

    A Silly approach to cryptocurrency investing???

    Can you expand more on this point? What do you mean by this? I thought the word 'utility' was the same as the word 'value'?
  7. lewj24

    Speed Reading: Is it worth it?

    I highly recommend the book: Speed Reading For Dummies. The guy explains how it work and gives you things to practice. It's hard and I haven't put in the work required to be good at it. But speed Reading is not skimming. Basically all it is is reading without having that voice inside your...
  8. lewj24

    BOOK How to Get Rich, by Felix Dennis

    Did you just blame a book for your failure? I don't remember Felix Dennis saying you should be perfect before you launch something. He seems more like a 'doer with no plan' kind of guy. Does this sound like someone that would spend years getting a project perfect: "It was only when a venture...
  9. lewj24

    Work: Late Night vs. Early Morning

    I used to think I was a night-owl type also. For years I would try to wake up early and my mornings would be miserable.. The only reason I kept trying it was because I have read so many successful people wake up early. So after a lot of practice I have been waking up at 5am everyday (trying...
  10. lewj24

    NOTABLE! If you could only pass on one life lesson to everyone on this forum, what would it be?

    Never stop learning. Whether it's reading books or doing new things or asking smart people questions etc. Never have an idle mind. My life has changed a ton in the past couple years just by trying to learn things on my own and not relying on schooling.
  11. lewj24

    Feels Like I'm Doing Things Right But... One Year No Results

    I feel the exact same way. Maybe I'm wrong but I think this is how it's supposed to feel. It's all bout the long term. What you have done is put the odds of long term success in your favor. I say keep going. Keep improving. Keep striving for your goals. It may take longer than you think.
  12. lewj24

    Reality Check Needed by FL

    Easy. You do both. Work a job. Do your side hustles. Grow that to where you can quit your job and do that full time.
  13. lewj24

    RANT Quit now, get a job, and why bother. Everything is luck.

    First you say this: Then you back it up with this: That's got to be the weakest argument I've ever seen. You say it's genetics but have no clue how genetics works or what genes those guys had. You created a fantasy out of thin air with zero proof. You single out Buffett and Rockefeller yet...
  14. lewj24

    RANT Quit now, get a job, and why bother. Everything is luck.

    Can you give some examples of how some of those people I listed got lucky? Genetically? or through their circumstances? It seems to me that everyone I listed had different circumstances and different genes just like everyone else.
  15. lewj24

    RANT Quit now, get a job, and why bother. Everything is luck.

    Have you done a background check on: Sam Walton Jeff Bezos Steve Jobs Henry Ford Richard Branson Walt Disney Warren Buffett John D. Rockefeller Ray Kroc Colonel Sanders J.K. Rowling Robert Herjavic Daymond John Mark Cuban John Paul DeJoria Felix Dennis Joyce Hall Benjamin Franklin Wayne...
  16. lewj24

    RANT Quit now, get a job, and why bother. Everything is luck.

    I don't know man. It sounds like to me you've jumped around too much too quick. From MLM to T-shirts to crypto to real estate to stock broker all in a few years. How can you expect to become good, let alone get rich, in all of these things within a few months? You said it yourself the...
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