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  1. George Appiah

    Thoughts on luxury service? Videographer who travels with you and makes a video of your experience

    Or become a "rat" (as Ben often jokes about his video guy) and attach yourself to one rich and eccentric family (as opposed to going from gig to gig) that wants to show off their high living and family drama to the world on YouTube :hilarious: See Ben Mallah's Life For Sale on the Koncrete...
  2. George Appiah

    Complaint CMS IDEA

    How is this different from existing helpdesk/ticketing software and case management solutions out there? OK, so your "Complaints Management System" is actually a human-powered service... and not a software or SaaS platform for businesses to use to manage their customer complaints. I'm having...
  3. George Appiah

    Working on a website alone and need someone that will help me get the ball rolling.

    With a little time on my hands, I saw your post and wanted to jump in to help. But I'm holding back, not because you're asking for free help, but because... You've not taken the time to even introduce yourself to the community as the welcome message you got upon signing up suggested. I'm...
  4. George Appiah

    Fastlane High School Business Academy

    Just a gentle reminder: if you're going to succeed at this, don't ignore the politics. You want to be sensitive to where many of the teachers and school execs are, so you don't swing the pendulum too far beyond their ability to comprehend... and invite a revolt. I'm reminded of a story in 2005...
  5. George Appiah

    Selling Shovels to Lead-gen Websites

    Every now and then I see newbies here trying to replicate @MJ DeMarco's Limo lead-gen business in various industries: lead-gen for this and lead-gen for that. Lead-gen is, no doubt, a big opportunity. And until every business -- small, medium, large -- masters internet marketing and build their...
  6. George Appiah

    How to change career?

    From what you described, you're changing JOBS, not CAREER. Job =/= career.
  7. George Appiah

    Another Control Lesson (China clones high profile app game, apple removes original)

    But how did they go from reselling imported PBX to have this $15bn annual research budget you talk about? They certainly weren't endowed with $15bn annual budget while reselling PBX in 1987! (NB: I worked with Huawei briefly in Ghana as an RF Planning & Optimization Engineer -- designing...
  8. George Appiah

    Starting a Rental Fleet (Turo, Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, GrubHub, Postmates Drivers etc.)

    Nothing to say myself, but take a listen to this Side Hustle School podcast episode: Make $4,000/Month Renting Out Cars You Don’t Own | Side Hustle School
  9. George Appiah

    Lex DeVille's - 200 Mostly Offline Rental Business Ideas

    That gave me a chuckle... you certainly know nothing about Nigeria, or even my own Ghana :hilarious: Not saying it cannot be done... but for small items, your only security down here would be to take a refundable deposit -- large enough to cover the cost of the item in case it's never returned...
  10. George Appiah

    Another Control Lesson (China clones high profile app game, apple removes original)

    (Emphasis mine) You wouldn't think so.... because you're looking at this as a STAR topology where everyone is copying from one grandmaster. In that case, yes, there would be no innovation. But it's more like a MESH where one company would copy something, innovates on top of what they've...
  11. George Appiah

    Huawei : How lack of Control hits hard on a bigger scale.

    While I agree with your general premise, let's put this figure in perspective: probably less than 20% of this comes from smartphone sales, where they may be at the mercy of Google. According to your link, "consumer business" was 45.1% (the rest is from "core network" business unit, which offers...
  12. George Appiah

    Anyone want a free copy of Russell Brunson's ''Network Marketing Secrets''?

    You're talking about this then? (no affiliate link). So your first post then is to covertly push an affiliate offer -- thinking people will contact you so you'd push them to your affiliate link for the "free book" which they must pay shipping to receive...
  13. George Appiah

    WEB SCHOOL Scam? Please help!

    Sure... and OP didn't mention where this mysterious lead is coming from... but as a general principle, shouldn't we be answering people's questions based on THEIR context, rather than our own? Or at least qualify our answers? :humph:
  14. George Appiah

    WEB SCHOOL Scam? Please help!

    FALSE. Unless the "anyone" does not include people from countries PayPal doesn't like :) There are several countries where PayPal is not available at all (including my country, Ghana). For these countries, even PayPal-powered payment via credit card is NOT possible, as you cannot select the...
  15. George Appiah

    INTRO New Fastlane Student Checking In!

    Hello @JimW, George here, from the foundry called Accra, Ghana... where it's hot and sunny all year round. Thanks for taking your time to introduce yourself to the Fastlane community. I hope you find what you came here for. Good luck, and Godspeed in your Fastlane adventures!
  16. George Appiah

    INTRO Getting Started in the Fastlane

    Welcome to the Fastlane forum, and thanks for taking the time to write a thoughtful introduction. Great books have this tendency of setting the reader on fire and switching on the Reticular Activating System. Good luck and Godspeed in your Fastlane adventures!
  17. George Appiah

    INTRO New Irish user

    Welcome to the Fastlane community, @nialledwards23. If you haven't read The Millionaire Fastlane yet, I'd recommend you start from there. The book will help you to look at life and money through a whole new set of lenses and set you on fire to turn your life around. At least it did for me. If...
  18. George Appiah

    INTRO Hello everyone!

    Welcome aboard, Alex... and thanks for taking the time to write a thoughtful introduction. That's an awesome plan you have outlined there. I hope you'll stick around and share your progress with the community. Good luck, and God speed in executing your plan!
  19. George Appiah

    INTRO Hi friends...I am newbie here

    Hello @Karthiksk from India, Welcome to the Fastlane forum. I'll suggest you take ACTION on those "awesome" posts you've already found, and start a new thread to ask specific question(s) if you encounter any challenges along the way.
  20. George Appiah

    INTRO Introduction

    Welcome aboard, @Akwailer. I'm 39 and from Ghana. I'll really encourage you to make the time to read the two books. I bought and quickly read the Kindle version of both books, but I've also recently purchased the Audible versions and they're now part of my 24x7 personal "radio". Good luck and...
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