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  1. James Gill

    Is ridesharing a good idea / hustle?

    Going into debt to buy a new(er) car to do this sounds like a bad idea to me when you already work long shifts and are trying to set up/grow a business. You could get burnt out if you add another responsibility. Not sure if I’m recommending this or not, but perhaps work out how many hours of...
  2. James Gill


    If, indeed, they are real numbers. Inspect element can produce wondrous results.
  3. James Gill

    MEETUPS Should I go to the birthday party?

    Yes weighing up all of those points it looks as though you have made the correct decision. But for me you shouldn't need to think of all those reasons not to go. The only reason you need is that you don't want to.
  4. James Gill

    Digital Marketing Agency, the new Podcasting?

    It's just an easy business to get started (and by get started I mean only mean get started, not be successful at). The more people who start them, the more comfortable newbies feel about taking the leap with this as their first business model. Eventually the market will be so saturated if not...
  5. James Gill

    LANDFILL How Can I Download Images from Pinterest?

    I don't want to sound like a dick but I literally just copied and pasted your question into Google and the first link is a step by step guide for all platforms... How to Download Images from Pinterest on Desktop and Mobile
  6. James Gill

    NOTABLE! If you could only pass on one life lesson to everyone on this forum, what would it be?

    Just because nobody helped you doesn't mean you shouldn't help others.
  7. James Gill

    One Little Step – advice for wantabes and newbie entrepreneurs

    Thank you for sharing this @RazorCut, always appreciate your advice. I'm certainly at the start of the best years of my life, gotta keep building.
  8. James Gill

    INTRO My "what the F*ck have I done with my life" moment..

    Hello mate. Always good to see the UK contingent growing on here. Also, very well written story, thanks for sharing! Great that you've taken action straight away, what are the next steps?
  9. James Gill

    How much time do you spend on your phone daily?

    I leave my phone unlocked on charge on my desk pretty much all day so unfortunately this is useless for me. I should probably stop that...
  10. James Gill

    Starting a one-man digital marketing agency

    Are you outsourcing out of necessity or because you can/want to? In my opinion, you're doing really well and it's probably worthwhile for you to invest in learning the nuances of your business that you don't currently know. If you don't know anything about landing pages you'll struggle to...
  11. James Gill

    WordPress or Learn to Code?

    This is such true and good advice. Try to simplify your 'behind the scenes' as much as possible, not only will it make your site faster it will make your life a lot easier.
  12. James Gill

    EXECUTION Trust Your Gut - Seriously!

    Good luck mate, how’s your health been since you quit? Have you seen improvements?
  13. James Gill

    The Open Source Computer Science Degree (By ForrestKnight)

    Came across this on my suggested feed, thought some people on here might find it useful. This video/course has no affiliation with me at all but seems to be a huge amount of free value compiled in an easy to follow layout, so thought sharing could be helpful to some. ForrestKnight has compiled...
  14. James Gill

    5yrs later, at 33 I've got a multi million dollar business

    Mate, you're an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your story.
  15. James Gill

    INTRO I am writing this instead of studying..

    You're so close mate, make sure you focus on finishing the degree! Now isn't the time to get distracted and potentially throw away years of hard work. Go all in on your degree, then once it's out of the way go all in on your venture.
  16. James Gill

    INTRO Maybe I’m a dumbass?

    Hi Jessie, welcome to the forum. In my experience, breaking a stupid habit such as smoking whether it's cigarettes or weed really needs a harsh reality check from yourself. As soon as you have a moment of clarity that you are in control of your desires rather than controlled by your desires...
  17. James Gill

    INTRO I am writing this instead of studying..

    Welcome to the forum. When are you due to complete your degree?
  18. James Gill

    Habit changer: TV is a pitiful waste of time

    It's a nice idea but seems like action faking to me. You feel pretty good about this idea right, enough to take a picture and post it on here at least. Take the note off of your TV, throw it away. You don't need it. What you do need is to work on your discipline. The best way to do that is to...
  19. James Gill

    Well if this isn't a FTE (F*ck This Event!) I don't know what is.....

    I bet Mark is a right wanker. The company has a point, but going about it absolutely the wrong way. They probably know the staff hate the management (if they don't already, they will now!), so feel they have to be strong and a dick in this circumstance to make sure people actually do turn up...
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