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  1. Mainstream7

    REAL resources on self image and self belief

    Incredible. Been looking for a book on character and virtue! How did you find that book?
  2. Mainstream7

    REAL resources on self image and self belief

    The Wisdom of the Enneagram. Understanding yourself is critical to grow. You will know your strengths, your weaknesses and leverage that knowledge for all aspects of life. Some are meant to be inventors, tinkerers. Others are meant to act within social groups. And other others are meant to be...
  3. Mainstream7

    BOOK How to Get Rich, by Felix Dennis

    My Rating: 5 stars out of 5 stars :star::star::star::star: :star: Format: Paperback My thoughts/review: Damn good book! It goes in-depth into the philosophy you need to have as an entrepreneur . Felix was both an enterprise entrepreneur and a poet(in his later years). In his later years he...
  4. Mainstream7

    Should I take a job

    It is risky. If it´s becoming a way of life, there is no way to quit even after hundreds of failures though. As others have mentioned, this remains a "hobby" until the first sales trickle in. Good perspective on collectors....There is a debate around art vs. representational painting, but let´s...
  5. Mainstream7

    Should I take a job

    It seems like there are mixed opinions on this, rightfully so. Getting told to take a job constantly already feels complacent to scripted life, however until you get revenue from your business, there is no way to proof against it. Been living like this for 4-5 years now. Maybe it´s time to...
  6. Mainstream7

    Should I take a job

    Thanks guys. Really really appreciate all thoughts. This is a full-time job and, I saved up a bit from my previous dayjob. It´s still pretty much 50/50 though.
  7. Mainstream7

    Should I take a job

    Of course. Though, I have a lot of motives in the backlog, so that isn´t an issue :) Good point.
  8. Mainstream7

    Should I take a job

    Considering this. There is some overhead with moving out though. Also, is this ethically right for the hiring company?
  9. Mainstream7

    Should I take a job

    Hey guys...I know you can´t make decisions for me, but I would like to ask for advice. I currently live at my parent´s. I found it to be effective. There are spare rooms and I use very little of their resources. I´m preparing to be an artist, went all-in since the beginning of 2019, have...
  10. Mainstream7

    OFF-TOPIC Game of Thrones Season 8 Thread (SPOILERS)

    *Advertising epic battles for game *Buys game *10h cutscenes *5min actual gameplay fighting the boss *Literally GOT
  11. Mainstream7

    The "Half Baked" Ideas Thread

    3D surface photography and hologram or VR. Usually when photographing paintings, the image becomes flat and you don´t get a feel of how it looks like in real life. You need to go see it in real life to really see all brushstrokes and how they bulge and how the painter painted it. What if we can...
  12. Mainstream7

    The "Half Baked" Ideas Thread

    I once made friends on an online forum. The forum shut down and I never got the contact info of some of the people there. Currently I have some online friends from discord. Same story, if the discord closes. Contact will be lost forever. What if people change their phone number or e-mails...
  13. Mainstream7

    INTRO Graphic Designer and Comic Artist

    Welcome to the forum, glad to have another creative on board. When your endgoal is to make comics, you might need to take action now. It needs to be sustainable as a lifestyle long-term. Do you truly enjoy the process of doing it? First your hypothesis that you create something valuable to...
  14. Mainstream7

    $65,000 passive income by age 40

    Why don´t you continue investing and set aside a bit of money for your side businesses? Once they take off, you can invest more into them.
  15. Mainstream7

    NOTABLE! A Fastlane Test - What is Your Locus Of Control?

    Internal Locus |||||||||||| 46% External Locus |||||||||||||| 54% Believing in fate is kinda romantic.
  16. Mainstream7

    OFF-TOPIC The "Did You Know?" Thread...

    Did you know that Immanuel Kant was mainly responsible for Modern art movement(originality is good) we have today while Aristotle would encourage craftsmanship, competion and copying? How is it possible that cinema keeps profiting from human emotion and aesthetics, while painting a figure in a...
  17. Mainstream7

    INTRO Seems like a tragedy

    If you burn the boats without any entrepreneurial experience you will face poverty, depression, fear, anger, failure for many years. Its the hard path If you can, try to get a stable job and make a side hustle until it takes off to replave your job. This is, if you can get a job. Also fire your...
  18. Mainstream7

    Maslow´s Hierarchy of Needs and it´s Implications

    Agreed, which is why I would place business in the "Safety Needs" category. I would probably be waayy more relaxed if I had a rather non-killing well-paying job. Maybe your needs are already filled? You do have a family? Having a soulmate or the business first is debatable. As per Maslow, a...
  19. Mainstream7

    Maslow´s Hierarchy of Needs and it´s Implications

    I recently quit my dayjob, and can´t help but feeling to lose ground especially after pursuing a rather passionate project. Here I would like to discuss thoughts on Maslow´s hierarchy as they relate to the Unscripted philosophy and how they can shape our priorities. Physiological Needs -...
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