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  1. Kruiser

    Write down your goals... Quick life tip with story...

    Triggered. 520 books, man. 520.
  2. Kruiser

    Struggle to move forward every week? Get ACCOUNTABLE like Legendary Fastlaners do...

    I just want to give a shout out to @LightHouse to thank him for the help he’s given me over the past 6 months or so through his accountability program. It has really been huge for me. There is probably a lot of value in having a peer accountability partner – someone who is more or less at...
  3. Kruiser

    Help craft Fastlane an effective tag line...

    Freedom through Entrepreneurship
  4. Kruiser

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    You know how Udemy courses almost always have a list price of $199 but are on sale perpetually for $10? Planned on spending an hour on a course this morning. Went to buy it and the price was actually $199. No sale. I've never experienced that on Udemy before. So annoying. I guess I'll...
  5. Kruiser

    Customer Hacked our Propriety Software

    Two pieces of advice. 1. I wouldn't continue to post this info on a public forum. Everything is pretty much fair game in discovery. Do you want to be sitting in a deposition a year from now having opposing counsel ask you questions about your posts on this forum? (Hint: no). 2. Force your...
  6. Kruiser

    OFF-TOPIC Buzzfeed: Tony Robbins accused of sexual misconduct

    This popped up in my newsfeed. Tony Robbins Punishes Followers By Making Them Drink Unidentified Brown Liquid “Designed To Have A Lasting Effect” Looks like we've also got pickle juice shot misconduct.
  7. Kruiser

    Doing the Andy Frisella "75 Hard" Challenge

    Are there any additional rules or explanations regarding the workouts? I know it is a discipline challenge and not a fitness challenge, but working out for at least 1.5 hours a day for 75 days straight sounds like a great way to get way behind the 8 ball in terms of recovery.
  8. Kruiser

    Protein Bar Brand Idea

    Whether you should make your bars free of all allergens is more of a market research question. You know the Google searches for "nut free." Know your other numbers of who is looking for what. What else is out there already? My guess is that you should just stick to being nut free. But...
  9. Kruiser

    Protein Bar Brand Idea

    Does 1300 searches indicate a strong enough market? I'm not saying it doesn't. I have no idea. But I think you should focus on that number rather than number of folks with nut allergies. I just started eating some protein bars I found at Costco called Rise. They're pretty good. Just almonds...
  10. Kruiser

    Freelancer making $140K/yr, how to double or triple?

    Isn't this exactly what MJ describes in Unscripted? I believe the term is askhole.
  11. Kruiser

    NOTABLE! Lex DeVille's 2019 Step-By-Step Upwork Tutorial for Brokeass Bootstrap Beginners Who Need Cash Now!

    Had something of a win on Upwork a few days ago and wanted to share it on this thread in case it can benefit anyone else who has struggled. The point is that things can change quickly. I still have a long way to go. But a win is a win. Massive thanks to Lex for this and his other threads...
  12. Kruiser

    Is Copywriting Dying? - The ClickBait Is A Real Danger

    I notice copy all the time, mainly because I've read a lot about it and marketing generally, as a lot of people on the forum have. So, I definitely notice copy . . . when it is written to others. When it speaks to someone else's self-image and worldview. But when it speaks to ME and my own...
  13. Kruiser

    Holy Sheet! A SCRIPTED Twilight Zone? (Black Mirror)

    I haven't actually seen the show, but it looks really good. A couple of Sunday's ago, my wife and I drove to a small town outside of our city to hang out for the afternoon. As I was looking for a parking space, my wife commented "wow, everyone is on their phones here." I wasn't paying...
  14. Kruiser

    The #1 Book You Need to Read If You Want to Retire Early

    MJ, congrats! How does it feel to be a "financial pro"?
  15. Kruiser

    INTRO Hello, I'm lost right now. I'd love advice.

    It sounds to me like "should I/shouldn't I drop out" is the wrong question. "What do I want? " is the right one, as an earlier poster already mentioned. But it sounds to me like you need to focus on learning to work hard. Kind of doesn't matter if it is school or your own business. If...
  16. Kruiser

    Quitting to create competing and better business?

    Yeah, that's not really optimal to say the least. I can't give you legal advice, but it sounds like you really do need legal advice. Incorporating somewhere else and having your own lawyer write a letter probably won't do much for you. They will allege all the relevant actions took place...
  17. Kruiser

    Quitting to create competing and better business?

    1) Think real hard about your current employer's likely reaction to your planned move. What is its appetite for litigation? When folks feel betrayed or stolen from, they will often sue. It kind of doesn't matter if you would ultimately win or not because you probably don't have the money to...
  18. Kruiser

    INTRO Greetings from Edinburgh

    Glad you've recovered successfully from brain surgery! If you don't have a ton of energy right now, just do the best you can and be kind and patient with yourself. All you can do is all you can do, right? Welcome to the forum!
  19. Kruiser

    Dealing with porn and other addictions

    Not sure how calling yourself weak and a loser is going to help anything. Watch your self-talk. In regard to porn, I read somewhere that the three keys that make a porn use habit difficult to break (besides the biochemical/dopamine effects, which are massive) are 1. affordability (it is free)...
  20. Kruiser

    Honesty - how to handle dishonest employee

    This doesn't sound like a terribly big deal. Maybe it was traffic. If that is your reason for firing her, you owe it to yourself to at least have a conversation with her about it to see what she says. When employers fire employees over fairly minor things, it is really easy for a plaintiff's...
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