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  1. Russ H

    NOTABLE! AMA: Rehabbing & Flipping - Ask Me Anything

    I still get tongue-tied talking to my mentor in acoustics. He's the nicest guy, but I'm so blown away by his expertise that I have a hard time being normal. -Russ H.
  2. Russ H

    MEETUPS Official 2014 Beer & Pancakes Topic Thread

    Well of course. If it was easy, everyone would do it. :woot: Might I suggest that, if you do not present this as a topic, it would make a helluva great brainstorming session... if we had 15 extra minutes. Would love to hear ideas from the group.
  3. Russ H

    MEETUPS Official 2014 Beer & Pancakes Topic Thread

    Flight and hotel booked. What do you'se all want to hear from me? Some random thots: * * * * •How to get great customer reviews (there is a system) •How to leverage real estate •What to do when you get stuck in your PLAN (ie, when all your $$$ are committed and it's not liquid)...
  4. Russ H

    IMPORTANT! From Russ H to MJ

    Sorry-- I was not able to find the B&P meetup thread. I was looking in the wrong place (General Discussion)-- I will keep looking. I tried to use the search, but "B&P" and "2014" are considered too little info for the search engine. Apologies-- didn't see the "private" label on General...
  5. Russ H

    IMPORTANT! From Russ H to MJ

    Hi MJ, Hope you're doing well! I stopped by the Fastlane to check up on B&P, and was not able to access the General Discussion forum. It said I was not authorized and that I needed to pay to be an insider. I haven't really kept up w/things-- do I need to pay to have access to the General...
  6. Russ H

    MEETUPS Official 2014 Beer & Pancakes Topic Thread

    Grasshopper is learning from the best. -Russ H. Phteven, I'd love to hear the marketing funnel. Bobby, living tax free IN THE U. S. would be my first choice, using case studies/examples (I can heckle you if you'd like).
  7. Russ H

    Snapchat Spurned $3 Billion Acquisition Offer from Facebook

    This is the first correct question asked on this thread. Buy out offers are often structured with contingencies. For example, the Wimpy gambit ("I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today")-- where a large buy out offer is nothing more than thin air, based on paying off the shareholders...
  8. Russ H

    Ashton Kutcher Gives Life Advice at Teen Choice Awards

    Great that he said this. Just came to post it here. Glad to see it's here already. -Russ H.
  9. Russ H

    NOTABLE! $3,000 to $1,000,000 in 15 months: HOW TO DO IT

    Hey Patrick, I started this thread. Not to make millionaires-- to help people start to THINK like millionaires. I was a millionaire when I started the thread, so I guess I don't count. I do have 4-5x as much money now as I did then, tho. Given that we've been going through the biggest...
  10. Russ H

    936 months

    Read "Talent is Overrated". Goes into Mozart, Tiger Woods, and others. Not a great book, but makes some excellent points. Key is: PRACTICE. Mozart's father was an accomplished composer. His music composing completely stops when Mozart is born. He parades little Wolfgang around the crown...
  11. Russ H

    Buying a new car

    For anyone who has read this thread so far, this is worth reading: It may not be what you want to think about right now. But it's better to consider the points made *before* you drop 100K+ on some wheels...
  12. Russ H

    Doh! She's a total Sidewalker!

    My wife was not a fastlaner when we first met. She read Rich Dad Poor Dad, and we talked about it, for hours. We related it to our own lives, and how we were starting to see things differently. We started going down that road *together*-- both of us were having "aha" experiences during this...
  13. Russ H

    I don't OWN it, I CONTROL it

    Bump up for the newbs. -Russ H.
  14. Russ H

    A Car Story

    Rawr, When it comes to family stuff, I hang out w/folks who don't care about my money. They care about being good parents and spending quality time w/their kids. We talk about parent stuff. And wine (hey, it's the wine country). When it comes to fun for me stuff, I hang out w/fellow successful...
  15. Russ H

    Sidewalk Somebody says MJ Demarco is a fraud / scam

    I don't know how you were raised, Zen, but I was beat pretty much every day I was a kid. Not by other kids. So a kick in the a** was something I was very familiar with. Kindness/gentleness, on the other hand, was something I did not see a whole lot of. Perhaps that's why I am slow to kick...
  16. Russ H

    Sidewalk Somebody says MJ Demarco is a fraud / scam

    Some of you who are B&P'ers know that I can be a bit of a wanker when it comes to teasing. But only a few people are the victims of this jazz. The ONLY people I tease/run down are those whom I know personally to be the real deal: 100%, first class human beings, and straight up gentlemen and...
  17. Russ H

    Sidewalk Somebody says MJ Demarco is a fraud / scam

    Zen, vigilante- I like you guys. But I haven't been around much. One of the things I did as a mod was urge caution. We were all young and foolish once-- some stayed that way longer than others. I've always-- always-- tried to err on the side of gentleness and caution when running down someone...
  18. Russ H

    OFF-TOPIC Who are the Brainiacs!?

    My favorite Rickman line: RIP Jim Barrett (played by Bill Pullman in the scene above). Jim passed away last week. -Russ H.
  19. Russ H

    OFF-TOPIC Who are the Brainiacs!? - (I think I qualify as a movie-ac) Russ H.
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