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  1. New desk>?

    Funny you should mention this. When my bro worked at ILM, his home desk was an old dining room table with the legs cut down to fit him perfectly.
  2. My life changing decision

    Congrats! What sort of business are you looking to get into? sounds like you have a knack for the car business....
  3. Possibly moving to more affordable city...

    How about Lake Merrit/Grand Ave. in Oakland? 12 minutes to SF by car, bus or bart.
  4. REAL ESTATE Financing the 1st apartment deal

    What I am seeing is this - first you have to find a lender that likes the area the property is in. They will then look at the income/expense and use their numbers to make sure it pencils out to their guidelines for DSCR etc. They will want to see experience with Real Estate, tax returns...
  5. REAL ESTATE Financing the 1st apartment deal

    Are you talking about a syndication?
  6. OFF-TOPIC Why Does Anyone?

    I have to use IE with MLS & ACT
  7. Best way to acquire new car in this market

    Look for a zero interest deal. Does your company lease you a vehicle?
  8. REAL ESTATE Should I Sell My 4-Plex?

    How far away do you live from the property? How much is professional management going to cost you?
  9. REAL ESTATE Buy My Dump - Houston Condo

    I'm pretty sure JesseO posted photos of that in the "so you want to be a landlord thread"....
  10. OFF-TOPIC Will UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva EVER be dethroned?

    Re: Will UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva EVER be dethron Fedor is the best pound for pound IMO.
  11. REAL ESTATE The Corn House (A real-life experience in rehab and flip)

    When are you getting your own TV show? Looks like the corn house came out really well.
  12. How to "look busy" and keep your day job?

    This thread is comedy....great suggestions...
  13. OFF-TOPIC Economic (and other) effects of a casino

    My understanding is that Casinos have a fair amount of decent paying jobs. Example: Vegas dealers make north of 60k a year..
  14. Somebody say pressure washing?

    You may try contacting the REO department of local banks. I know of a pool guy that is servicing a bunch of pools (foreclosure properties) and has had to hire people because of strong demand. Pressure wash the outsides of homes, pools, decks, driveways etc. Best of Luck.
  15. Somebody say pressure washing?

    Congrats on taking action. If you are in a high foreclosure area, that could be another source of revenue...
  16. Will You Be "That Guy" ?!

    I certainly intend to be that guy. Thanks for keeping everyone grounded.
  17. REAL ESTATE So, you want to be a landlord

    You're lucky that place didn't go up in flames...
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