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  1. Matt Hunt

    TMF vs Doing something you enjoy doing the rest of your life

    My problem is that in my life I've had like 5 or 6 different passions. They come and go. I discover something new, I go all in, then I end up losing interest. So what happens if I'm doing something I love, but not making much money, then I stop loving it? Now I'm doing something I don't love...
  2. Matt Hunt

    Article: I retired at 34 with $3 million—here are 5 downsides of early retirement that no one tells you

    I'd still gladly retire tomorrow if I could! Sounds like he just needed some hobbies. Also, if he's running a blog, then he's not really retired, right? To me "retirement" simply means not having to work in order to pay the bills. Doesn't mean you can't still pursue a business, but you have the...
  3. Matt Hunt

    Emergency Fund, Do You Have One?

    Yes, but I only have a few months worth of living expenses. Unless I'm just sitting on my a$$, I don't see myself needing more than that, however, I will build it up to a years worth eventually. It's not just for those times where you may not have an income, it's also for unexpected expenses...
  4. Matt Hunt

    The road to wealth is simple: Drive a crappy car

    I remember Grant Cardone saying he was a millionaire already before he upgraded from an old Toyota Camry.
  5. Matt Hunt

    OFF-TOPIC Does anyone else find social media boring?

    If it's just to do something creative, I'd say go for it. If you're trying to make money, you may be disappointed. Though there are certainly ways to monetize. I have 2k subscribers on my mountain biking YouTube channel. The YouTube ad revenue just pays for my Adobe suite. Really the best way to...
  6. Matt Hunt

    The road to wealth is simple: Drive a crappy car

    I wholeheartedly agree! I just laughed on the inside when I graduated PA school and half of my classmates were getting brand new vehicles. Some were at least a Ford or Toyota (though still can be really pricey), but many were getting a Lexus, Infiniti, etc. This is at the time where we had just...
  7. Matt Hunt

    OFF-TOPIC Does anyone else find social media boring?

    I like it for keeping in touch with family & friends who live in other states. Beyond that, I've definitely considered seriously purging my friends list, as there are many on there who I never interact with and likely won't ever see again in real-life. Like people I went to high school with...
  8. Matt Hunt

    Phone/Email List of Business Owners?

    Does anyone have a reputable source to get a phone/email list of business owners? I've seen a couple that have a minimum order of 5000, which comes out to $450. I'm skeptical of half the list being invalid numbers/email addresses.
  9. Matt Hunt

    List @ The Few People who have Lamborghinis

    Saw a video with Warren Buffett driving a 5 year old Cadillac. So there's that...
  10. Matt Hunt

    EXECUTION How I will escape 9-5 job to work for my self and later build a team.. (journey here)

    I wouldn't put a lot of money into a product to dropship without doing enough research to be sure it's gonna be profitable! Measure twice, cut once! Yes, you don't want analysis paralysis, but flying by the seat of your pants isn't a good strategy, either!
  11. Matt Hunt

    How to find needs to execute [value/scale/sell]

    Go through stuff you have already and think of ways that it could be better. Or services you use, and how they could be improved. Heck, go on Yelp or Amazon and read the bad reviews. People will come right out and tell you what can be improved!
  12. Matt Hunt

    Guilty conscience when not working on business – what to do

    Yes, I struggle with those same guilty feelings. I think the suggestions here are good. Either list the tasks you want to accomplish on a given day, or schedule your working time, and after that, you're done.
  13. Matt Hunt

    REAL ESTATE How to build a $12billion Private Real Estate Investment firm from scratch?

    Can you do it with no money? Yes. Will it be extremely difficult? Yes. If you don't have any experience or money in the deal, then you better be bringing enough value in other areas to make up for it. So you must be very knowledgeable, have found & negotiated an absolute killer deal, or...
  14. Matt Hunt

    When to switch ideas?

    If the new idea has a greater potential, then it's a no-brainer. A few weeks is nothing. Would be a different story if you had spent a year and were just starting to build momentum and would have to start all over.
  15. Matt Hunt

    One thing all successful entrepreneurs seem to have in common

    I've noticed this, for sure! So many people complain about their jobs, yet do nothing about it. And I've told a few people about my dreams, and they don't think it's realistic. They think the reality is that you have to work a job for 50 years, save & invest, yada yada yada... aka, the SLOWLANE...
  16. Matt Hunt

    Retail Arbitrage as a Side Hustle

    Gary Vee talks about this all the time, but I'm sure it's not as easy as he makes it sound. And to me it does sound like grueling, boring work.
  17. Matt Hunt

    The important thing is not the idea, but the execution

    40 million downloads. As MJ said, if you can impact millions, you'll make millions (or billions). Not sure I'd call it a bad idea, though. They saw a need, and provided value. They must be providing a lot of value if over 1 million people pay $70/year for their premium subscription.
  18. Matt Hunt

    EXECUTION Restaurant opportunity

    The restaurant business is tough. Very tough. But that doesn't mean you can't succeed if you have great food & great service. However, it sounds like you'd be going into it for the wrong reasons. I think it'd be cool to own a restaurant one day, but I'd have to be hands-off from the beginning...
  19. Matt Hunt

    GOLD! CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days

    That's what I'm doing, at least to start, and we'll see how it goes. You won't have as much control, but to me it made more sense than trying to find a handful of freelancers.
  20. Matt Hunt

    30 clients in 30 days or money back

    I wouldn't ask a yes or no question. That's probably why you're not getting anywhere. You give them an easy opportunity to say no. Cold calling is tough, and you're gonna get a lot of no's. Check out Andy's thread, as well as Lex's thread he just posted on some alternative methods for...
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