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  1. Siddhartha

    EXECUTION Foundations, the trigger, reaching olympus

    Spent some time this morning working the campaign details. Also completely re-did the copy: " You're tired of toxic soup deodorant, We are too. It's morning. You hop out of bed, start the coffee maker, and stride towards the bathroom. Shave, sh*t, shower - you know the drill. Combing your hair...
  2. Siddhartha

    EXECUTION Foundations, the trigger, reaching olympus

    Spent all week toying with a landing page and not committing. I did away with all of it and built a new version in 15 minutes. It's not perfect but it's a start, this will be my market bellweather and validation page for my venture Pits of Power...
  3. Siddhartha

    FORUM NEWS Forum Upgrade News and Update (Phase 2 Complete)

    Hell, good job. I was paging through someone's progress thread on my phone during lunch when everything went green and really mobile-friendly and I thought I was having a stroke.
  4. Siddhartha

    MEETUPS Accountability/Mastermind group (virtual)

    This shindig is on the road. Of all the applicants, it was pared down to just a sliver of members. We had a chat tonight where we came together and established base on who we were, and what we were aiming to do. Covering so many different topics, directions, and aims. Probably the single...
  5. Siddhartha

    List @ The Few People who have Lamborghinis

    From the thread title I thought this was going to be a weird honeypot thread for some of the high-profile members. Little did I know that it would be so much worse...
  6. Siddhartha

    NOTABLE! My Experience Eating Keto/Carnivore

    Carnivore since October 2017 Most recent panel: HDL: 101 LDL: 50 Trigs: 67 Gluc: 82 I want the LDL to be higher to get more of those anti-cancer/anti-psychosis/anti-infection benefits, but lipoproteins are mysterious creatures that work in mysterious ways. The energy and healing factor is...
  7. Siddhartha

    What is the best way to learn copywriting?

    Bookmarking this hearty copywriting thread. I've made writing practice copy a daily thing for myself after finishing Lex's 15-day challenge, but I feel that I'm doing more of my own thing instead of writing copy. Now, Lex specifically states it's better to be influential and doing your own...
  8. Siddhartha

    OFF-TOPIC First image of a black hole

    Black hole denier dude: If it was gravitational lensing from an asteroid, then you would see an Einstein's cross, and only an Einstein cross. For your reading:
  9. Siddhartha

    NOTABLE! Fear and Action-Faking in Entrepreneurship-- a 19 year old's guide to askholing.

    Echoing tubs, Books, branding, soap boxing, but I haven't made a sale yet. Good to know that if I keep action faking I can end up as an example like this guy did
  10. Siddhartha

    GOLD! Lex DeVille's: 15 Days to Freedom - Make Money Copywriting in 15 Days or Less

    Day 15, Lex's words filled me with a modicum of pride that I made it all the way through and didn't quit. Forming your beliefs and thus your reality really rang with me, having been a long time follower of Scott Adams and then TR to an extent. I'm forming two new beliefs today: I am more than...
  11. Siddhartha

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read TMF before joining forum, would love to have my badge again
  12. Siddhartha

    GOLD! Lex DeVille's: 15 Days to Freedom - Make Money Copywriting in 15 Days or Less

    Day 14 reminded me that I like random free writing. My formatting in google docs breaks whenever It gets pasted into here. Things may look interesting. Common techniques I think are set in stone but aren’t Bolding/Underlining Long-windedness Over-enthusiasm Over-confidence (debatable)...
  13. Siddhartha

    NOTABLE! What if you already know enough?

    I keep coming back to this thread. It helped push me towards one major avenue of action last month; and yet another yesterday. The way I see it, book readers and resource resource consumers are motivated, they know what they want, but they want to perfect it, the first time. They also want it...
  14. Siddhartha

    Hey! .... You tryin' to change your life today?

    Interesting that I was finding your posts in ancient threads this morning and you suddenly come back to post gold nuggets in this thread. These are excellent, bite-sized guides on framing and thankfulness, thanks Lighthouse
  15. Siddhartha

    EXECUTION Foundations, the trigger, reaching olympus

    I DID IT I took action I don't know what happened today, but an idea I dumped two months ago burst back into my mind with a workable and unused brand name and theme. I rushed home, threw open my laptop, and got to checking Keyword Planner and Trends. The keywords were mostly 1-10k with one...
  16. Siddhartha

    NOTABLE! Manufacturing a FTE (F*ck This Event!)

    A+ thread, much prefer this implementation over the original dickens. It really lets you lay everything out . Unplug the hole and the F*CK THIS pain points come rushing out. I thought I had an FTE at my last job because after a conversation where they told me to f*ck myself, I printed out a 2...
  17. Siddhartha

    O/T: HEALTH The importance of stretching and fasting!

    Going to step in here to lay down some facts based IF/fasting sites: Diet doctor is a health startup. Rogue health is one man's fight against medical mediocrity
  18. Siddhartha

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    A worthy Robert Greene book. The hard copy doesn't look like much and the formatting is cheap, but heard through audible it rings through as the genuine article. About a fifth of the way through. As someone that listens to Unscripted on repeat, this book is more relaxed though ellsberg brings...
  19. Siddhartha

    GOLD! Lex DeVille's: 15 Days to Freedom - Make Money Copywriting in 15 Days or Less

    Day 13: Commercial - Elucid Violins *(Cut to man walking down busy Chicago street, carrying instrument case) Think about it... Not every secret is that secret. *(Foot-level shot of feet striding down pavement) But not everyone will listen… *(Man lifts face up, sly smirk on his face as he cuts...
  20. Siddhartha

    does anyone need anything?

    Johnny, what would you tell a novice about early-stage validation and landing pages?
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