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  1. GoodluckChuck

    BOOK The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone - Crazy or Brilliant?

    10x Rule is one of my favorite books because Grant is a powerhouse and a good person to emulate, especially in the beginning. I think it's a mistake to look at any book like it contains all the info you need to be successful. Being successful is a long process that needs to be adjusted...
  2. GoodluckChuck

    EXECUTION Too much on my plate or do I just get a bigger plate?

    Positive feedback loop kicked in just in time! The One Thing is a good book for staying focused. 10x Rule is a good book for remembering that things always take a lot longer than we anticipate.
  3. GoodluckChuck

    FEATURED! Post Your Desk or Work Area! (The Workspace Thread)

    Any lag time on your mouse? I do this sometimes but the slight delay in mouse movement drives me nuts.
  4. GoodluckChuck

    GOLD! Did It: Zero to $12k a Month While Traveling the World

    Though I read a bunch of sales books and took some courses, it was actually getting out and talking to a ton of people that made the difference. Go figure... The way I look at everything has changed. I'm no longer afraid of rejection because I understand that most people and situations will not...
  5. GoodluckChuck

    NOTABLE! I'm a fifteen year old kid who posted here more than one year ago. Here's what I've been up to.

    Lots of great actionable ideas in this thread. My advice is to learn how to network. Hint: You're doing it now by talking to us. If you go out into the world and tell people what you're up to, opportunity will find you. People love young ambitious people. The fact that you're 15 and doing...
  6. GoodluckChuck

    The science of making habits stick

    I heard someone talk about art, specifically playing music or dancing as an act that is not about the ending, but rather the journey. How I mean this in relation to your situation is that you don't seem to be looking at painting to be something you want to do for the sake of painting, like an...
  7. GoodluckChuck

    My perspective on Marketing

    I was hesitant to read this because the title was generic but I'm glad I did. It's very smart to think outside the normal box of tricks used by most marketers and do things that draw the attention of the target audience. The key is that you actually are getting attention, maybe by far more...
  8. GoodluckChuck

    Goal: Another Word for Event

    I would say the book is probably most useful for someone who is interested in human behavior and wants a condensed version of the many books out on habits. I normally spend 90% of my reading/listening time on books I've been through before and I know are gold. This one entered my radar a few...
  9. GoodluckChuck

    Goal: Another Word for Event

    I've been listening to a book called Atomic Habits. It's worth a minute if you are someone that has trouble with the word goals. The entire premise of the book is that we should spend less time thinking about goals and instead strive to develop the systems that will take us to our goals and...
  10. GoodluckChuck

    Looking for team management tool (time, hours, skills)

    Why free? Paid tools are almost always better. Fixing bugs and troubleshooting errors is not profitable.
  11. GoodluckChuck

    Running blogs, ranking pages via SEO

    Launching is easy. Publish your articles. It's what happens after that matters.
  12. GoodluckChuck

    Is PPC a must?

    Not sure what your niche is, but maybe Google will not allow ads for this product or service and that Is why nobody runs ads? In my experience, if there Is money to be made in PPC it is already being done on some level. Zero activity is a red flag. Also, PPC comp analysis tools aren't always...
  13. GoodluckChuck

    INTRO I'm the world greatest

    You don't truly fail until you've given up. The fact that you have kept trying over and over is a sign of perseverance. Keep trying and don't give up and you will succeed in time.
  14. GoodluckChuck

    INTRO I'm the world greatest

    Hey Robin. Great to have you here. What exactly have you been giving up on? I ask because maybe it's not always bad to give up on things. Maybe there's a good reason you do what you do? You get bored? It's not how you thought it would be? It's harder than expected? Not seeing any results...
  15. GoodluckChuck

    EXECUTION Spoiled Millennial Developing Self-Discipline

    Sounds like you have a lot going on. You're also very hard on yourself. You might make it a priority to give yourself a break. You are earning enough to be comfortable so maybe being comfortable is part of the problem. If you had to work to avoid starving, would you work harder? A lot of the...
  16. GoodluckChuck

    How Do I Outsource SEO?

    If the revenue is high enough you can partner with an agency like mine, but it will cut into profits. I have no idea where you see your business going but there are a few good agencies out there and after working with them and seeing what they do it wouldn't be too hard to process it out...
  17. GoodluckChuck

    Is there a Need for My Product

    I'm sure someone has tried it, no? Is there very different than regenerative breaking on a Tesla?
  18. GoodluckChuck

    10 Years of Your Life - How It Should Change

    Cool post. Just a few weeks ago I sat down for the biggest goal-setting session of my life. I'm moving quickly now so I want to make sure I'm going in the right direction. I started off isolating myself with a huge whiteboard. I drew a timeline starting from 18 years old to 30, my age now. 13...
  19. GoodluckChuck

    Can Hypnosis unlock your Business Potential?

    I've recently been doing some marketing for a hypnotherapist and when I started I was skeptical. He said he could hypnotize people into believing they had stomach surgery so they would eat less. Huh? Then I had to watch all his testimonial videos to collect marketing materials and holy shit...
  20. GoodluckChuck

    Marketing company, but I'm a pure middleman

    Where do you add value? If you find an average sales person that can sell average projects to average clients and then find average marketers to produce average results, there won't be any room for margin. It's a competitive industry and if you want to do this model you'll have to target high...
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