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    NOTABLE! Perfectionism is a plague, introducing Johnny Neverstart!

    The irony is perfectionism is often anti-perfection! What is perfect to the target market is often different than perfect to the perfectionist.
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    INTRO Just joined fastlane

    Welcome to the forum!
  3. superb

    Is cold calling worth it?

    People do distrust telemarketers. And often the people are either busy running the business or annoyed that you interrupted their facebook binge. I am in charge of marketing for a small company. I'm usually quite busy. I often get calls from people trying to sell us their services. Within a...
  4. superb

    INTRO Young,broke

    Don't focus so much on proving your parents wrong! You will waste a lot energy doing this! "Showing" your parents can be a motivator, but shouldn't be your primary one Unless you are already good at recognizing business opportunities and have access to money, you may need to get a 9-5 job while...
  5. superb

    BOOK Mark Manson's "Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck"

    I wouldn't say it was the most impacting book I ever read, but I did find it helpful and am glad I read it. Greater focus was the result for me once I understood that I only have so much f*ck to give, so I better spend it wisely.
  6. superb

    I am only working 3 hours a day!

    I run into this sometimes. For me it comes down to not planning ahead far enough. For example, if I finish some tasks earlier then expected, but my next action is an item that really should be broken down into multiple steps, I'll wander and waste time. If I start my day and that "next action"...
  7. superb

    How was your high school experience

    Don't drop out of school. I barely made it through only because of my test scores, doing as little homework as possible. The learning part was too easy. Despite this, the one thing high school could have taught me was discipline, and I struggled with it for years to come. I didn't want to do...
  8. superb

    Write a letter to yourself in 2020

    Right now I'm reading "Be Obsessed or be Average" by Grant Cardone. He talks about writing \your goals out daily first thing so that they are always in the forefront of your mind. I know I need to do this because I will often lose focus if I go more than a few days without spending time with...
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    INTRO Divorced and Looking to get out of the Rat Race

    If you are already in IT, Wordpress will likely be a piece of cake for you. You can do a lot with Wordpress alone, especially with pre-made themes. Wordpress is often used for the basis of a lot of professional sites even if the intent is to customize it with HTML/CSS to the point where it...
  10. superb

    EXECUTION ZF's progress thread

    In case you didn't know already, some inexpensive lighting can do a lot for the quality of photos/videos. I don't know whats available in your country, but something like this is what I use: I've found that 100W clear incandescent bulbs have a better color balance than using fluorescent or...
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    INTRO Divorced and Looking to get out of the Rat Race

    Welcome to the forum! While some of the business activities you mentioned aren't "fastlane", most of us have (or had) to do other things to support ourselves throughout the process. Affiliate Marketing would not be my first choice with all of the noise on the internet now days, but I have no...
  12. superb

    Struggle to move forward every week? Get ACCOUNTABLE like Legendary Fastlaners do...

    I appreciate the offer. Unfortunately the partner I had kept flaking out on our calls, so I'm looking for a new partner. It was a bummer, I've gained quite a bit of momentum because of this, but apparently the other party did not feel it was worth their time. So even if it doesn't end up...
  13. superb

    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2019?

    Complete my morning routine (customized routine based on The Miracle Morning) every day. Select an industry and begin contact with the industry for the purpose of finding problems to solve by February 4, 2019.
  14. superb

    Are You Weak? This Exercise Will Show You

    Believe it or not, cold showers can actually become enjoyable once you've made it a habit!
  15. superb

    IBISworld membership?

    I checked my local libraries website. They have a small business resource center with an impressive looking list of available directories, databases and business legal resources to name a few. Looks like I'm going to be spending a bunch of time at the library!
  16. superb

    INTRO Aspiring Entrepreneur

    Welcome to the forum!
  17. superb

    EXECUTION ZF's progress thread

    I can relate to that! I found TMF and this forum shortly after meeting the woman who is now my wife! She is a very talented and successful person and being with her made me realize I had been living a life that was mediocre at best, and lazy.
  18. superb

    3 Friends Starting An Internet Business 2019

    I wouldn't think of being in a partnership. I've seen a few implode and presently someone close to me is having MAJOR problems in theirs - and they have a pretty in depth contact! This needs to be one persons business and the others are either sub-contractors or employees.
  19. superb

    INTRO I just had to join...

    Welcome! We are glad you are here!
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