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  1. NOTABLE! [GUIDE] Facebook Ads Made Simple (That Even Your Mom Can Understand) 2019 Edition

    This is super helpful for someone like me who has not spent a lot of time using FB Ads and is intimidated to start. Extremely clear and concise, thank you for sharing and I'm looking forward to more updates!
  2. New value skew idea... Advertising Boost

    Not sure I understand this, but it sounds interesting. I've read through their FAQ and wanted to confirm my understanding with yours: You're giving away free nights at specific luxury hotel locations for your clients/customers. They pay taxes & fees based on those free nights, but otherwise...
  3. List @ The Few People who have Lamborghinis

    You're still missing the entire point here. Your presumption is flawed. You are basing your entire "study" on the assumption that Lamborghini Owner = Qualified Instructor. This is a false assumption. There is no correlation. You are trying to build a list of people who are worth listening...
  4. Family member failure and self destruction

    Accept her for who she is and how she is. You can't force her into a behavior, just like your dad can't force you to take a 9-5.
  5. Significant Change to Upwork coming in May 2019... “Pay to Bid”

    Firms go public because they can raise a boatload of cash, without needing to pay it back, unlike debt. The owners give up equity in exchange for cash. It's different than just raising capital from private or institutional investors, however, in that by going public you spread the shares among...
  6. Honeygain passive income

    Here's a quick Q&A from the maker of the app regarding "phone farms" And this from their website FAQ: So then you think maybe just use a bunch of VPNs, but you get hit with this: The guy on YT with his "phone farm" is still earning $50/mo TOTAL with all of those phones. Only the first 6...
  7. What are my legal rights of a DBA name sale

    If the proceeds from the sale of the DBA IP are currently held in the business that you own 25% of, I'd think that you would be entitled to 25% of them should they be distributed to the owners. As others have said, review your operating agreement and talk with a lawyer if you feel the need. You...
  8. What are my legal rights of a DBA name sale

    Did he pocket the money from the sale of the DBA, or does it remain within the business?
  9. What are my legal rights of a DBA name sale

    So the company wasn't sold? Just the name itself?
  10. Link to book "How To Steal - A Thief's Handbook"

    When searching on google, this thread is the first result...
  11. EXECUTION After almost 7 years on here, I have finally have a revenue-generating business

    Do you have anything, other than this thread and perhaps your existing clients, keeping you accountable? Do you have anyone in your life who will call you out when you fall off the path or slip into old habits? If not, you might spend some time finding an accountability partner to push you...
  12. RANT Florida Teachers Can What?

    With teacher's unions, you can bet that they're being paid for that training. For some it might just be a good vacation away from the students!
  13. RANT Florida Teachers Can What?

    At least this bill requires teachers to undergo 144 hours of training to be certified. They're not exactly just handing out guns to any teacher who wants one. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out. I could see it going both ways.
  14. EXECUTION Build a real estate company in a D area

    Do you have a specific goal you're working towards and a timeline to achieve it, or are you just accumulating units as quickly as you can handle them?
  15. EXECUTION Build a real estate company in a D area

    How many units do you currently own? I may have missed it earlier, but are you raising funds or just debt financing?
  16. EXECUTION Build a real estate company in a D area

    i just checked and my property management company has posted it to Zumper. Sadface.
  17. EXECUTION Build a real estate company in a D area

    It was listed for rent in February. My PM just updated me that last week they had 40 inquiries, 3 people showed up for a tour, and the one person who submitted an application was not qualified. They say there isn't a lot of interest in the area right now because of some recent criminal activity...
  18. EXECUTION 6 months tut empire

    He's building an MVP website and going to run some test ads to it to see what sticks. Isn't that how you would define "testing the market"?
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