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  1. andyhaus44

    How to overcome distractions

    Thank you for sharing this, Andy. Am going to start using a small plastic lizard paper weight on my distraction pad as a visual reminder to quiet the lizard part of my brain
  2. andyhaus44

    Start School to Develop Entrepreneurs

    No experience yet because my son is only 2. I just heard about it from the Mindset book that I read
  3. andyhaus44

    Is there a solution for this childcare problem?

    Piggybacking on your bullet points, just discovered this option and heard nothing but great things about it. The only thing is that it’s only 45 minutes Homeschool Preschool: The Playing Preschool Program - Busy Toddler
  4. andyhaus44

    Plant-Based Opportunities / Vegan Business Opportunities

    Thank you for sharing this, MJ. You inspired me to read up and watch this documentary - View: After watching it, took my first step towards becoming a vegan. My goal is to start off vegan then become plant based
  5. andyhaus44

    John Gary Bishop

    Hi everyone, Any John Gary Bishop fans on here, author of Unf*ck yourself? Am meeting him in a couple of weeks and would love to hear your thoughts on his content.
  6. andyhaus44

    Can Hypnosis unlock your Business Potential?

    Yes, I believe so. I work with a law of attraction expert and he is an advocate on hypnosis. I used to think hypnosis was hokey but now I'm a believer in it. Before you go to sleep, your conscious mind starts to disappear and you get directly into the subconscious. Reprogramming your...
  7. andyhaus44

    NOTABLE! Finding motivation when you have a 9-5

    Awesome advice @JAJT, thank you so much for sharing! You inspired me to think differently and take action on a new time system. Much appreciated. Rep+ Wanted to add a little value - For those of you struggling to be assertive in the morning, here’s a quick and effective technique — View...
  8. andyhaus44

    So I learned how to ride a bike this weekend

    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing. Easy way to remember it is to call it your WOW goal - Within One Week
  9. andyhaus44

    How I Overcame the Desert of Desertion

    Awesome post, @YoungPadawan!! Thank you for sharing this! Rep+ That is a great way to utilize the Notes section in My Fastlane Daily :) This post inspired me to create a deep focus system so I can focus 100% where I normally get distracted, such as Forging process, Updating finances, etc...
  10. andyhaus44

    O/T: HEALTH Dental hygiene

    If your gums are sore, gargle semi-hot water (the warmest you can tolerate) with 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda. It will immediately get rid of the pain
  11. andyhaus44

    Win the day

    Hi everyone, Some of you may have heard of or already use The Momentum tab for Google Chrome and that is a good productivity tool but last night I came across something even better (IMO) called Win the day. What makes Win the day great is that it gives you a deadline for your goal, plus you...
  12. andyhaus44

    Control your environment

    Interesting that you mention that - ironically, when I was a kid, one of my favorite says was "Shields" by Batman Shields. Now I play that right before I put my headphones on as a mental reminder that I need to shield myself from the toxicity of a sidewalker
  13. andyhaus44

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    This cleaner is the best value I've ever paid for. It has gotten rid of candle wax on the carpet, oil on a chair (saved $100 on the chair when I bought it, knowing this stuff would get the oil stain out), blueberry vomit on the...
  14. andyhaus44

    MEETUPS Indiana/Indianapolis

    Am from St. Louis, MO and totally willing to drive to Indiana. Never been and would love to go
  15. andyhaus44

    Short One Liner That Had A Strong Impact On You

    "Does your thinking control your bank account, or does your bank account control your thinking?"
  16. andyhaus44

    GOLD! Fastlane Parenting (Tips, Tactics...)

    Thank you for the rep, @Andy Black By the way, it gets better ;) Here is Brian Tracy’s ‘Secrets of Raising Super Kids’ One of the most important things that we do as a parent is when your children are in any thing at school - at any age - crawl over broken glass to be there. Physically be...
  17. andyhaus44

    GOLD! Fastlane Parenting (Tips, Tactics...)

    Brian Tracy’s 21 key ways to love your child: Tell them how important they are all the time Praise them regularly. Praise them often. Praise them for anything that's big or small; that raises their self esteem more than anything else Accept and love them unconditionally. Refuse to be...
  18. andyhaus44

    Tips for Focus/Work Ethic

    Thank you for sharing this. There’s an awesome app called Timer+ and you can name your stopwatch, timers, etc. as well as create certain sounds for them
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