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  1. rwhyan

    30 clients in 30 days or money back

    Clients =/= leads Client = repeat buyer that you are providing a service for Lead = someone interested in your offer Andy Black has a post out there somewhere with good definitions of these terms.
  2. rwhyan

    Picking a niche

    Either: 1. Choose the most unsexy, boring niche that your past experience, strengths, and skills apply to. OR 2. Choose the niche that your past experience, strengths, and skills apply the most to.
  3. rwhyan

    Business Idea Feedback (Website Maintenance)

    Have you offered your services to any businesses yet? What type of people need this service and where can you find them?
  4. rwhyan

    What is the best advice you have ever received ?

    I am here to make other people happy, to provide value.
  5. rwhyan

    Testing New Product - The Belvedere

    How many pairs of clothes or clothing items can each one hold?
  6. rwhyan

    INTRO how much can you change in 3 months

    My advice is this: just get started. 1 > 0
  7. rwhyan

    INTRO how much can you change in 3 months

    A lot of progress can be made in 3 solid months of work. Don’t come into it with expectations about what you will or will not achieve in 3 months. Just execute, fail, repeat. The worst thing you can do with these 3 months is sit around and action-fake.
  8. rwhyan

    Hey, what motivational content would you like to see?

    What makes you better than all the other motivational content out there already? Don't forget the little things: 1. High quality, consistent-themed thumbnails 2. Proper grammar, capitalization in video titles with consistent format
  9. rwhyan

    Simple landing page for product validation?

    Yes. Build a quick and dirty landing page. Image heavy. Strong copy. Presell or capture emails. Don't offer a discount just offer it at the price you are planning on selling it at. If it doesn't work, try another way. Keep executing.
  10. rwhyan

    Local Service Businesses - How to Get More Customers

    Check out this thread: NOTABLE! - Starting a lawn care service business
  11. rwhyan

    cleaning business, starting. What are the crucial things to do before the launch.

    Get customers before anything else. Reach out to prospects and offer your services. Shift or tweak your services depending on the feedback you receive. Once you have some paying customers, you can start to build a website and do those other things like registering as a business, etc. James...
  12. rwhyan

    Being comfortable being alone

    I'm too comfortable being alone. It is one of my weaknesses. Focused, solo work is absolutely vital. But equally important is direct interaction with the market, prospects, clients, etc.
  13. rwhyan

    How to approach a small market?

    You are worrying about step 2 when you haven't done step 1 yet. Cross the next bridge when you get to it. Start with a small niche, don't even worry about scaling it yet. And chances are, as long as you aren't selling low ticket items to a small niche, you can probably generate a lot more...
  14. rwhyan

    What sort of an internet business would you do if you had $50,000 to start with?

    NOTABLE! - $3,000 to $1,000,000 in 15 months: HOW TO DO IT Maybe this thread will spark something for you. Sounds like you have a lot of experience already. I'm surprised you couldn't come up with something yourself
  15. rwhyan

    Customer Acquisition for IT Services Business?

    Your website looks very good and professional, so I don't think that is the problem. One small thing suggestion though, change the CTA to "Get a FREE Consultation Now" instead of "Schedule Appointment" Have you tried direct mail? I don't know your market but off of my intuition it seems like...
  16. rwhyan

    OFF-TOPIC The "Did You Know?" Thread...

    Did you know that more men are raped than women in the U.S if you include prison? And the margin is probably greater than we know, because prison rape is more widely underreported too. Sources: Is the US the only country where more men are raped than women? | Jill Filipovic More men raped in...
  17. rwhyan

    Supplement idea: manufacturers cannot produce it - what to do now?

    5 manufacturers giving you a "No" is way too small a number for you to give up on this idea. Keep pushing away. Only once you have 200+ manufacturers tell you they can't make your supplement, then you can consider your other options. This is unrelated to manufacturing, but I recently had to...
  18. rwhyan

    OFF-TOPIC What watch/es do you own?

    I'm a big watch guy but don't buy watches at this point. The only watch I'm rocking right now is an all-time classic (and admittedly over-worn): the Seiko SKX007K with an oyster bracelet. Extremely versatile in terms of style (works great with a Perlon strap, NATO, Tropic, jubilee, oyster...
  19. rwhyan

    Car Accident App(Need Feedback!)

    Agreed. I don't think many people would preemptively download this app. The chance of getting in a car accident is statistically low, and most people assume: "It would never happen to me" or "I'm a good driver."
  20. rwhyan

    The 5am Club - Worth it?

    Are you trying polyphasic sleep? I'm curious if anyone has had success with it.
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