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  1. WEB/DIGITAL Beginner's Guide to Domain Flipping

    I never claimed that I wrote it, I was just posting some useful information a friend had sent me, with my own modifications and additions for clarity and additional resources. Thanks for the accusations though. The document I modified was in the public domain anyway, given away freely. If I...
  2. OFF-TOPIC Cashflow 101 - Game strategies

    Absolutely! It has reinforced what I already knew and brought it to a new level -- that the most effective strategies are ones you would never even think of unless you get used to thinking "outside the box". Also, that the fastest way to get rich is by using other people's money, not your own...
  3. WEB/DIGITAL The Next Internet Millionaire

    Anyone watch this show? A reality tv show that is available online only (not broadcast on tv), hosted by Joel Comm (a very savvy and successful online entrepreneur) I love this show!!!! Normally reality shows are not my thing (in fact I hate them), but...
  4. OFF-TOPIC Cashflow 101 - Game strategies

    101 is trivial to beat with the stock cards.... here's the infamous strategy I use that has had many house rules made to prevent me from using it any longer =) hehehe 1. Wait until you get a $1 or $5 stock card 2. Borrow $1 billion from the bank. (Yes, this is allowed per the normal...
  5. WEB/DIGITAL Beginner's Guide to Domain Flipping

    Thanks for the info on registerfly, Tom. To tell you the truth, that is the registrar I started with but for the last year I have used GoDaddy for all my new registrations. I mainly just included registerfly as an alternate choice because I had used them in the past -- didn't realize they were...
  6. WEB/DIGITAL godaddy !!!

    GoDaddy is my primary registrar -- nowadays I use them for all domain registrations I do. But that's all I use them for, is to register the domain. I don't use them for DNS, hosting, or anything else. I don't buy any of their additional services, even domain privacy or anything like that. In...
  7. Hello

    Bienvenidos amigo! This forum is great, I'm sure you'll learn a ton from it as I have!
  8. WEB/DIGITAL Starting a subscription based ebiz

    You are correct, information is something that people like and almost expect to get for free. You can sometimes get a one-time sale for information that is particularly useful, but a subscription model for information is nearly impossible unless the information is vast, like a huge database of...
  9. Video Games as Business Education

    I found a couple online flash games regarding business building, and thought somebody might like to check them out. You have to learn to manage inventory, sales, marketing, etc etc. Great for a good diversion while still honing your business skills! hehe :) McDonalds game...
  10. WEB/DIGITAL Starting a subscription based ebiz

    I do all the programming for my websites myself (including the subscription ones), but I use paypal to manage the subscriptions. It's just so much easier than billing your clients each month -- paypal subscriptions happen automatically on both ends, so even your customer doesn't have to do...
  11. WEB/DIGITAL Beginner's Guide to Domain Flipping

    You will not get rich overnight with this; that is not my purpose for writing. You will make money in your spare time. How much is totally up to you! I am going to take you through each step. Some of this you might know, but I think it is good to start from the basics and move on from there...
  12. School Teacher builds $5 Million per year business

    That's great how he uses his blog to drive traffic to his ecommerce site. That's kinda what I do, except I need to get better at writing linkbait headlines and content for my blog. This is so inspirational! *heads over to blog to write an article*
  13. SUCCESS STORY: Ryan Allis

    Man, I'm trying to remember what I was doing at eleven, and all I can think of is that I was bored in school. I wish I had gotten started with business that early! Scratch that, that's wrong thinking -- what can I do now to catch up? Hmmm....
  14. SUCCESS STORY: Clocky!

    I am constantly amazed by how the simplest idea can turn into a fortune. I need to pay attention to small details more often so I can spot an opportunity like this!
  15. INTRO You're from where??

    Re: Your from where? I live in Indiana at the moment, but put me down for Phoenix AZ because I'm moving there in a few months!
  16. Introduction

    Welcome to the forums! I came from the richdad board also. A shame it deteriorated so badly there, ya know? =(
  17. Hi there

    Welcome to the forums! I'm sure you'll love it here, this place is great!
  18. hi all, newbie here

    Welcome to the forums! I too came from the richdad forums. A shame that it deteriorated so badly there =(
  19. Hello from Hong Kong!

    Welcome to the forums! I agree, this community is great!
  20. How is everybody doing?!!

    Welcome to the forums! I know what you mean about the safe, secure job mindset... that kind of person doesn't even want to consider anything outside the box they have built for themselves... =(
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