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  1. MARKETPLACE The ForeverJobless Incubator opens for a 2017 class

    For those of you on the forums who don't know me, I'm Billy- I run the ForeverJobless blog and podcast. For the last two years I've run a group called the Incubator, where I help people start profitable businesses. I hadn't planned to do another one, but I really enjoy it and have the time...
  2. MARKETPLACE ForeverJobless is Hiring! Content Marketer, Project Manager, and more!

    I've got a couple emails on this... It's best to just submit an application(I won't be reviewing emails on this). I'll be reviewing and reaching out to top applicants on or before Wednesday morning. Also offering $1,000 referral bonus if you know someone who's the perfect candidate(applies to...
  3. Implementing fastlane ideas to an old school industry

    Pretend there is a competitor, and their goal is to run you out of business. How would they do it? Do that.
  4. MARKETPLACE Looking for copywriting referrals

    for sure email me samples of your copy, your rates, etc and i'll forward to my brother. if he's interested he'll reach out
  5. MARKETPLACE ForeverJobless is Hiring! Content Marketer, Project Manager, and more!

    I want to grow ForeverJobless to be able to help a lot more people in 2017. I've got a book coming out next year and I need a great team working with me to help impact and give value to a much larger audience. Here are a few positions I'm currently hiring for(including one non-FJ project). You...
  6. MARKETPLACE Looking for copywriting referrals

    he pretty good @SinisterLex ? my brother does large volume real estate stuff and i've been telling him to get a copywriter for his mailings, could make an intro
  7. LANDFILL Untapped Niches

    You're missing the value part. This isn't something that is an irreplaceable skill set, as there are probably 10,000+ people on upwork for $15 or less per hour with this skillset, so if someone found a great gap in the market to fill, they wouldn't need to partner on that skillset. They'd just...
  8. - legit?

    Hey Lukasz, we've been hearing a lot about you today even know you're using different names to do it :) I received an earlier text from one of the influencers you emailed(you used "Mike" on that email). I guess you're going on a cold email/post to anyone/everyone trying to trash me for not...
  9. No Network

    Aspiring entrepreneurs always get this twisted. You don't have to be any good at business to network with A+ business people. Newbie entrepreneur internal dialogue: "Oh man I wish I was good at business so good business people would want to talk to me." A+ entrepreneurs internal dialogue: "Oh...
  10. Did it ever just feel more reachable?

    Just be sure you're in the right car for the destination you're trying to drive to. I see a lot of people chasing goals that the path they're on won't take them to, but they're so head down and busy that they don't realize it. If you are, and the end goal is meaningful enough to you, some...
  11. Thinking of buying an ecommerce business. Any tips?

    Curious, why would you want to spend $800k to buy a job that it doesn't seem like you know about/love? You're not actually buying a business in this scenario, since it needs YOU to make sure it makes money. Let's pretend you knew a good CEO who wanted to run it and paid the full time CEO $100k...
  12. Picking an Idea and sticking with it.

    By putting in the time and effort to calculate the expected value of each idea. Also, factoring in whether or not you'll be happy working on it. If you don't like it, you won't stick it out. Most people start businesses/invest this way. It's good you're realizing this now. Most people start a...
  13. Developing an algorithm which matches people with psychotherapists (thoughts wanted)

    I think it's a great idea and I think over the next 10-20 years many industries will change to do things like this. Most industries are very illogical- "problem w/health- here's a random doctor... problem w/fitness, here's a random trainer, etc..". The people who win at changing these...
  14. REAL ESTATE Can Real Estate Investing Really Lead to the Good Life?

    My only guess right now is that you're writing an ebook titled: How To Write a lot of Words Without Saying Anything
  15. RANT I would say a good idea is 5% of the equation

    Thank you! Really appreciate how often you've shared it. Means a lot.
  16. Fastlane I have sales, how do i expand and automate?

    need more details... what is your goal, what is the time it takes you to complete service, what is the cost you could hire someone for to complete the same service, etc...
  17. MEETUPS So you want to move to Scottsdale?

    This. Being in Bali made me never complain about being "hot" again. Every time I walked outside there, there was a puddle under me. I had to constantly jump in the pool just to attempt to confuse myself from realizing I was drenched in sweat 24/7.
  18. Hit a wall in the start-up, need helpful advice!

    Unless I'm misreading it seems like you're going to be wasting a lot of time. Spending a week on things like operations...?? there's nothing to operate yet :) Step 1: how is your idea better than what's currently on the market? Step 2: can you reach the market? After these, proceed. If not...
  19. RANT I would say a good idea is 5% of the equation

    you're very wrong. go start a bad idea with great execution, and i'll start a good idea with 'meh' execution. you will lose badly.
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