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  1. Maxboost

    OFF-TOPIC Ultimate Combat Sports Thread (UFC, Boxing, K-1)!!!

    AJ is a hype train that got derailed. One thing I've noticed is that fighters with oval faces don't have chins (amir khan for example) and people with square faces can take beatings ( mark hunt).
  2. Maxboost

    OFF-TOPIC Ultimate Combat Sports Thread (UFC, Boxing, K-1)!!!

    Incredible fight. HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING IS BACK!!!!!!! Exciting time to be a boxing fan as we have 4 LEGIT heavyweights vying for the title and klitschko coming back out of retirement to shake things up and squeeze a few more pay days. RUIZ was 25-1 underdog!!
  3. Maxboost

    REAL resources on self image and self belief

    If you are a non smoker, you will never understand this book. Allen Carr's book, the easy way to stop smoking, is the GREATEST book in changing your self identity. Every smoker that I gave the book to, quit immediately after reading the book without the use of fear tactics and anti smoking...
  4. Maxboost

    GOLD! Moved to Scottsdale, Growing a Web Design Firm

    How did you arrive at this conclusion?
  5. Maxboost

    GOLD! Did It: Zero to $12k a Month While Traveling the World

    I was following your struggles from the beginning, congrats, what did you do differently to get more sales?
  6. Maxboost

    NOTABLE! I'm a fifteen year old kid who posted here more than one year ago. Here's what I've been up to.

    You are going somewhere dude, make sure you hang out with the right people and find a great girl that will stick with you through the highs and lows. Why not contact previous clients to do their website to get the ball rolling? It should be a no brainer at this point.
  7. Maxboost

    NOTABLE! How I Made $11032 In 2 Months With Less Than 1.30 Hour Of Daily Work

    The biggest advantage is WHO you train with, what team are you training with? What title did you win? What organization hosted the tournament? I've trained in Muay Thai and hung out with the local Muay Thai scene and there is NO WAY you can just walk in and beat 3 or 2 guys in one night with...
  8. Maxboost

    Digital Marketing / Webdesign Cold Emailing - What to expect?

    waste of time. Might have worked 2 years ago. Cold calling, referrals, door knocking and networking is better.
  9. Maxboost

    Damn you crypto

    Bulldog mindset I linked above showed that this is still a very stupid idea as there are better things to do with your money and time. Crypto is a get rich quick scheme by crypto gurus.
  10. Maxboost

    Damn you crypto

    View: Speculators are suckers. Crypto Gurus need a greater fool, don't be a fool...
  11. Maxboost

    Elizabeth Warren: Break up Big Tech

    Cuckberg has incredible power over your life and business. He can deplatform you just for agreeing with people he doesn't like. At this point, this is a privatized version of the Chinese Social Credit System. The recent collusion of tech companies from paypal, instagram, youtube, Google...
  12. Maxboost

    Elizabeth Warren: Break up Big Tech

    View: Facebook co founder wants to break up Facebook.
  13. Maxboost

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Anyone that can make a living sports betting can do anything...
  14. Maxboost

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Game of Thrones season 8 epsisode 3 had a lot of stupid parts...
  15. Maxboost

    GOLD! CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days

    learn how to sell. That's all you need to's 90% of the equation.
  16. Maxboost

    Anybody here just quit their job, burn their bridges and took massive action?

    Don't be afraid to fail if you quit your job. My biggest mistake so far is trying to be perfect. I realized that there are a lot of people kicking my a$$ because they did not give a shit and decided to FAIL forward. A good mind hack that I have been using lately is to have HOURLY goals to keep...
  17. Maxboost

    GOLD! CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days

    If you don't want to buy Sean's course don't buy it but this thread gave more value than many of the other courses out there on how to START a profitable marketing agency. I know because I foolishly did not listen to Sean about doing cold emails. I listened to some gurus on youtube and wasted...
  18. Maxboost

    EXECUTION Journey to $50k/monthly [On track to $20k/month]

    This forum has been inundated recently with new comers on here seeking to build their brand or reputation. This is no different from Damiens disastrous Instagram thread.This is the anti guru forum of the internet. MJ and the moderators have asked in the past from other posters to verify their...
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