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  1. MEETUPS Poland meetup- Krakow

    I'm definitely in!
  2. MEETUPS Poland meetup- Krakow

    Yeah 4/24 would be good.
  3. MEETUPS Poland meetup- Krakow

    I would be interested too. :)
  4. Best City/Country in Europe for Online Entrepreneur

    As I know in Ukraine they have 5% tax for B2B businesses instead of 18%, it might be interesting for you. I personally live in Cracow, Poland and I really enjoy it, the only one disadvantage for me is the air pollution especially in winter but I guess you will not experience it in Gdansk. Poland...
  5. LANDFILL I'm done waiting to be rich, LOL.

    Ayanle if this forum hasn’t helped you yet I’m 100% sure you will not find something helpful or valuable for you in this posts. You want to go so just do it. I think we can close the thread to avoid this scripted bs.
  6. LANDFILL I'm done waiting to be rich, LOL.

    Have you taken any action during these 2 years? If so, what have you done, why it failed? I don't know anything about you but from your post I understand that you have just spent 2 years here and did nothing more. If you don't do anything to become rich = you will not be even if you spend 50...
  7. INTRO Just another slowlane sucker trying to escape

    Welcome to the forum! I see more and more software devs around here, good luck on your journey! :)
  8. INTRO Getting a new start - Starting My Digital Agency

    That's why it's often annoying (as for me) to develop software for others especially for someone who doesn't know anything about development process. They have tight budget so it has to be builded as fast as possible, but when there are some bugs at the end they are getting angry because for...
  9. Finding clients before forming a company

    I was thinking about the website because I'm software dev currently so it's just a couple of hours for me, anyway thanks a lot guys! Your advices are definitely enough for me, now is the time to take action. :)
  10. Finding clients before forming a company

    Hey, quick question. Is it a good approach to try to close some deals with potential clients before forming a legal company or should I care about it first? I was thinking about running a simple website and then start cold emails/calls to check how it will work. Btw. service based business in...
  11. Not sure if I should offer SEO, web design or social media services

    Even if there is a big competition in social media market there is also a huge need in my opinion. Take a look at businesses social media channels just in your local area, most of them are bs. The main problem especially at the beginnings is to know how to approach clients to close the deal. If...
  12. INTRO Intro from an IT Guy

    Hi Andy, good to see you here. I'm also a software dev, not that long like you but anyway I hate this corporate bs. Wish you all the best and good luck on you fastlane journey!
  13. INTRO Overwhelmed and tired of inaction. I need to do something!

    I think you need to focus on one thing at time and do whatever it takes to get some clients. Just don't jump from one idea to another in short period of time. Pick one of your business options and start taking action. Of course it will be so hard at the beginnings but the final result is worth...
  14. GOLD! CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days

    I was wondering what's your opinion about running this business locally. I mean is it a good idea to start where I live or should I look for foreign clients from the beginnings? There is quite big difference in prices for this service between my country (Poland) and for example US market.
  15. INTRO 19-year-old Polish student beginning his own journey

    Welcome from Cracow! Enjoy your time here!
  16. GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    Thanks a lot Strick, your post is really valuable for me.
  17. GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    Hi, I have one question. I’m building web platform for my automotive business and I came up with decision that I will try to share it as a SaaS platform. I want to target car garages and I was wondering how can I get some clients. I mean if it’s a good idea to just email businesses to make an...
  18. Why do so many people nowadays avoid using React Native for the mobile application development?

    I heard various opinions about React Native. Actually AirBnB is dropping this framework so there might be some problems. What do you think about Native Script? I think it’s also good, but the main issue for me is that it can’t be used with React..
  19. WEB SCHOOL My Journey as a Noob Web Designer

    I'm looking forward to see your next progress posts, it seems to me very interesting to run this kind of business. Also you should consider previous advices. If you will have some questions about making websites don't hesitate to ask me, I'm a software developer so I will try to help you as much...
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