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  1. ExaltedLife

    Write down your goals... Quick life tip with story...

    How is Titan? I have it sitting on my shelf next to bios on Carnegie, Ford and Vanderbilt that I also haven't read
  2. ExaltedLife

    This childhood personality trait influences how much money you'll make as an adult fool. If you really think that's true...then why are you even here?
  3. ExaltedLife

    This childhood personality trait influences how much money you'll make as an adult

    Focus and attention are both entirely within your control, albeit attention more indirectly. You want to improve focus? Practice. It takes effort. Start working and keep going when you feel like doing something else. As for attention, MJ covered it in Unscripted when he talked about RAS. This...
  4. ExaltedLife

    The road to wealth is simple: Drive a crappy car

    Thanks Mj. That reminds me of something I want to put in my book.
  5. ExaltedLife

    OFF-TOPIC 'Deaths of despair' soaring among Gen Z & millennials: 'It's the economy, stupid'

    This is a great thread. The people who are growing up in this culture have a NEED for spiritual guidance. It may seem counter intuitive, but this is exactly why I expect my venture in writing fiction to eventually be successful. The postmodernists have convinced the world that art is...
  6. ExaltedLife

    Lots of new faces here since I was active. What's your why?

    Freedom. Also to outfit a sweet lab/workshop where I can play and make dope shit. Also to eat whatever I want whenever I want. Yes, I'll have 3 lbs of scallops for lunch please, and if you look at me like that again you're fired. Just kidding, here's $100. AND MORE!
  7. ExaltedLife

    GOLD! CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days

    You know what, I was thinking about this just the other day, and I came to the same conclusion. Obviously you're providing value, that's why they pay you. I made the mistake of underestimating people's ability to discern value - I think I listened to much to the wrong advice when I was working...
  8. ExaltedLife

    INTRO I am ME!

    Greetings fellow Ontarian
  9. ExaltedLife

    O/T: FUNNY Man stole $122m from FB & Google by sending them bills.....which they paid.

    There's a key difference between selling something you intend to and can deliver and selling something you don't. It isn't a spectrum.
  10. ExaltedLife

    E-Sports Supplements

    Just get something that is a good quality but doesn't cost too much. The aesthetic of bottle is really not that important but you don't want to look cheap.
  11. ExaltedLife

    So what do you do while you're not profitable?

    There's a "Fastlaner's Fund" where the rich guys here will pay all your expenses until you get up and running. PM one of the moderators, they'll tell you all about it
  12. ExaltedLife

    Billionaire Dreams: What Makes You Happy?

    Very good points. I admire your ability to think in essentials and conceptualize - you got straight to the point about taxation and the existence of public infrastructure. Considering your PM, @Kak, Lowtek is pointing out something important here. That being said, I am not sure I would call...
  13. ExaltedLife

    EXECUTION From no Money and no Coding Skills to AppStore

    I'm interested in helping with marketing if you want to pm me. I have experience using habit apps. I mentioned one in a post - Fabulous.
  14. ExaltedLife

    EXECUTION From no Money and no Coding Skills to AppStore

    So how are things, 5 months later?
  15. ExaltedLife

    Billionaire Dreams: What Makes You Happy?

    It's interesting that you put material and secondary things together. It seems to me material things come first, ie. Food, shelter, heat, etc.
  16. ExaltedLife

    Tony Robbins Fans? Unleash the Power?

    Tony Robbins helps people like a Baptist Pastor exorcises demons: he makes you feel like your life is irrevocably changed. For the people who function on belief instead of conviction, this actually does help them, but it only entrenches their bigger problem: they're emotionalists.
  17. ExaltedLife

    Billionaire Dreams: What Makes You Happy?

    To defend the borders against foreign military aggression. It is Africa after all. It's also the MAIN function of government, next to the police and the courts. Why do you think the President is called the Commander in Chief? Who said anything about being a dictator? What part of *zero taxes*...
  18. ExaltedLife

    Jordan Peterson's Future Authoring program helped me achieve (literally) everything I wanted.
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