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  1. OFF-TOPIC What's wrong with the world we live in?

    Yankees338, Sorry about the loss of your friend.
  2. OFF-TOPIC Tom Brady

    I respect Brandy's work ethic, his intensity and his leadership skills. The guy has earned everything he now enjoys. I live in Ann Arbor, and I'm married to a U of M Alum, so I naturally have respect for Brady. But, the obstacles he went through are tiny bumps on the road compared to what...
  3. Twenty-Three Year-Old Facebook Founder worth $5 billion

    First, the article said: "The deal makes geeky twenty-three-year-old Mark Zuckerberg, at least on paper, worth $5 billion." If the valuation is meaningless, feel free to take that up with the author of the article. Furthermore, I never said they could sell the company for $15 Billion. My...
  4. Twenty-Three Year-Old Facebook Founder worth $5 billion

    He owns 1/3, which means he just pocketed $80,000,000.00 cash, and has a net worth of $5 Billion, at age 23. If Facebook's value dropped by 2/3, he'd still be a billionaire. That dude is sitting pretty right now and i'm pretty sure he's not worrying about his billions being on paper.
  5. WEB/DIGITAL Please give me some advice on hiring a developer + more...

    Also check out I've bid out projects through their service and found some good developers.
  6. WEB/DIGITAL godaddy !!!

    I've been hosting with for the past couple of years, and i'm happy with the service.
  7. WEB/DIGITAL godaddy !!!

    I have a few domains remaining with Godaddy, but the bulk are with I keep my hosting separate from my domain companies.
  8. OFF-TOPIC Bugatti Veyron (vid)

    Notice how fast the guy yelled out "60...150...210..(mph)" That car is a rocket.
  9. OFF-TOPIC Bugatti Veyron (vid)

    :hl: YouTube - Bugatti Veyron
  10. Al Gore (this is NOT a political post)

    My great grandmother use to baby sit me when I was little, and she would tell me about her parents who were born slaves, and her grandparents who spent the first 20+ years of their lives as slaves. The way I see it, I have so much to be thankful for and the challenges i've faced in business...
  11. Al Gore (this is NOT a political post)

    Great post, Sean. I've just experienced a bit of a setback, so this is right on time for me. rep++
  12. WEB/DIGITAL So its finally done! Biz Sold!

    Bro, sorry to hear about your health problems. I just said a prayer for you, and I hope you get better soon. A couple of years ago I had a scare with my kidneys, but thank God things have gotten better and hopefully I won't have to deal with that again. I wish you good health.
  13. Famous stars getting into franchises - how?

    I actually think it's the opposite. There are many examples of pro athletes who successfully move into business and franchise ownership. Burger King, McDonalds, Ford, etc., aren't going to hand over their brand strictly off of celebrity. Many of these guys go through extensive training to get...
  14. My Roadmap to the Fastlane [through REI and business building]

    Re: My Roadmap to the Fastlane [through REI and business building Yankee338, Rep++ for putting together your plan. 21 years ago, when I was your age, I was nowhere near this line of thinking. But, I agree with Peter2. You should get the ball moving immediately. The futher you put this off...
  15. Men Selling Avon

    The spa is called Manhood. Their website is They were originally opened in the downtown Detroit area, but is now located in the suburbs. Here's a Detroit Free Press article on the spa.
  16. OFF-TOPIC Music

    -Jazz (especially Wes Montgomery & Ronny Jordan) -Gospel I also listen to Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine and some Rap to get me throgh my workouts.
  17. OFF-TOPIC It's playoff time!!!

    Well, since my Tigers came up short, i'm not all that concerned... but, I think the Yankees and Phils will be in the world series.
  18. Men Selling Avon

    The lady who started that biz invited a few local NFL & NBA athletes in for the grand opening. One of the TV news stations came and interviewed the athletes as they were getting their pedicures and massages. After that, the biz took off. She also did a lot of radio interviews. While...
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