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  1. Sheens

    Help craft Fastlane an effective tag line...

    Yes, I am also with the majority on this one! Additional words that came to mind, This Is Where Business Makes CENTS
  2. Sheens

    How to be less busy

    Andy stated it so well! I went back to read through your outside progress thread and it is readily apparent that you are in the heat of a grind! This is a different level of 'busy.' Software is by far not my dominant language. Even so, I know you are doing awesome $hit to move you and...
  3. Sheens

    How to be less busy

    7) Learn When to Say No. Incredibly more difficult than saying yes. We've all heard it before but it is important to learn and differentiate between the times that serving on another board, or doing those few extra tasks, or joining another group is actually for the best. Not to construe...
  4. Sheens

    Lots of new faces here since I was active. What's your why?

    Anything I can do to help with this @Bekit, I will! There is a program in Colorado known as Dental Lifeline Network that may be a great fit for your husband and there should be an online link to the program's application. Encourage him to check it out! My why is because I can be better. I can...
  5. Sheens

    Anybody reading fiction??

    Though I am not a gamer, nor a teenager, I found myself enjoying READY PLAYER ONE by Ernst Cline this past weekend. Action, fast, and something in it for most that read for pleasure. If I had kids, I'd read it to them! It's been years since I've read Vince Flynn. Thank you for the...
  6. Sheens

    INTRO My dreams have never died

    Welcome to the forum! Thank you for the introduction that truly sounds like just the beginning of what you are capable of accomplishing! I would put MJ's book Unscripted at the very top of your reading list. Get a hold of it today! Best wishes to you!
  7. Sheens

    So I learned how to ride a bike this weekend

    In case we have folks in a similar state or even simply to compare and critique as this plan is my own and not intended as any professional advice: Weekly workouts are 6-7 days of 60-120min cardio/row/lifting in varying intensity plus bonus time in physically building the house. Metric will...
  8. Sheens

    So I learned how to ride a bike this weekend

    Hah! This is such a fun thread! Let's skip any of the home building skills this time. How about health-focused to attain my most kick a$$ body? It's such an easy challenge to put off for another day ..or season.. or year. I'm not overweight but no longer doing pull-ups. Little details are...
  9. Sheens

    WEB SCHOOL Horsetrading?

    This hustle has merit! It may take you a few times and great bookkeeping to see what margins you are able to achieve but the value you are bringing to a business is readily apparent. Opportunity is there to meet any local interior designer, dentist, HVAC, artist.. the list is nearly endless...
  10. Sheens

    O/T: HEALTH Dental hygiene

    If you are trying to cure an infected tooth with oil pulling, it will not work. In general*, gum tissue will not grow back. The appearance of your gums can change and be manipulated but it will not grow back naturally in an area of recession. You can have gum tissue grafted to be replaced...
  11. Sheens

    Testing New Product - The Belvedere

    Thanks for keeping us updated! It would be awesome to see a live action video, before and after pics, and even measurements and weight on the product. Tell us if it will fit a long dress, pants, one article of clothing only, etc. Give so many reasons to buy that we forget any hesitation!
  12. Sheens

    EXECUTION Progress Thread - From The Ground Up - The Phoenix Has Arisen

    I am also so sorry to hear. Condolences, thoughts, and prayers are going out to you. Not that you need more to read right now, but the following quote from @AllenCrawley is one of the most powerful versions of a message I have ever come across. Loss may be inevitable, but the strength and...
  13. Sheens

    O/T: HEALTH Dental hygiene

    Please ask if any of this is unclear! Seeing me at the office is about the worst part of anyone's day so hopefully just reading about it is a little better :) Dental pain is miserable enough, waiting or hesitating to see a dentist can limit your options and is putting yourself at risk. If...
  14. Sheens

    INTRO hello

    Welcome to the forum Leif! Unscripted is going to be such a great resource for you! Don't hesitate to start reading it immediately!
  15. Sheens

    OFF-TOPIC Fastlane NCAA Tourney Bracket, Win 1 Year Insider Subscription

    Congratulations! And this was your first bracket ever?! I hope you go for a repeat next year! :)
  16. Sheens

    So I learned how to ride a bike this weekend

    Such a great thread, thank you @ZCP! You know it's special when it is omnipresent in your mind and next to the other little booming voice of ZCP asking what 3 things you can do right now or are stopping you! :) My challenge this week was to become the actual 'cut guy' for the reclaimed wood...
  17. Sheens

    OFF-TOPIC Fastlane NCAA Tourney Bracket, Win 1 Year Insider Subscription

    Man, I made some bold choices in this next round. My fall from grace may be swift and painful :)
  18. Sheens

    INTRO Hi been skulking and trying to work out what to put here

    Welcome! Have you purchased Unscripted as well? It provides immense value for your journey!
  19. Sheens

    OFF-TOPIC Fastlane NCAA Tourney Bracket, Win 1 Year Insider Subscription

    Did you try again @404profound? It worked for me just a second ago. If Colgate takes this @Emilio_90, I will be sending you rep!
  20. Sheens

    OFF-TOPIC Fastlane NCAA Tourney Bracket, Win 1 Year Insider Subscription

    I'm in as SheensFastlane! Just filled it out and I literally can't name my final four picks so you guys don't have much to worry about :)
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