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  1. mdivljina

    30 clients in 30 days or money back

    This, this is gold man. I will save this and I will nurture what you wrote here. And yes, I do find cold calling much easier in my own language. I've had more success on that front. 30 calls 2 clients Croatia, 50 calls, not even a single indicator of interest US. Another big fat yes. I plan...
  2. mdivljina


    Read it! Recommended read, definitely after the TMF!
  3. mdivljina

    30 clients in 30 days or money back

    So I've called 30 tow trucking businesses today and it was a hot F*cking mess. I need some feedback. Whatever you say, just say something. Give me something. I feel like I want to pull my hair out. So I call them and in 50% cases I get a dispatcher on. He/she can't make a decision so asks me...
  4. mdivljina

    30 clients in 30 days or money back

    Okay so let's update this bitch. After very clean 20 no's in a row, I decided to change my offer. Up to now I was cold calling and offering a free demonstration of how I can help towing services in the US get more cash calls online. I've decided to offer them a free preview of how their...
  5. mdivljina

    30 clients in 30 days or money back

    Right now the USP is not so much of a priority because when cold calling, I cannot even get past the third sentence. I gotta get people to listen to me somehow. I haven't figured the exact USP by now, but I don't really care about that at the moment. I've put my focus into other things.
  6. mdivljina

    30 clients in 30 days or money back

    I managed to call 20 people (only count when they answer) and got 20 no's. I don't really give a shit about that. I'm hooked. I know what I'm working for and I'm gonna get it. When I called in Croatia people had a different response to me. When I call the US I get pretty much 3 sentences and...
  7. mdivljina

    30 clients in 30 days or money back

    As of today -- 27.05.2019., I've got 2 new clients in Croatia (out of cca 30 calls) and have started cold calling in the US (US towing services, getting more cash calls for them). That makes for 3 clients total. I called at about 20 people in the US by now, little less than half picked up...
  8. mdivljina

    INTRO 24 year old from UK living in Peru

    Yes I find that problem in bars at daytime too. Sometimes I just don't like drinking Coke, I don't like the pulp, I don't like all the sugar in drinks, coffee will stain my teeth in the long run and water is well, water. It really sounds funny when I put this into writing, but I don't have a...
  9. mdivljina

    Product vs Service - Which Do you Prefer to Sell?

    Service is great to start off with, build some capital and then move onto products to really blow your cashflow up.
  10. mdivljina

    NOTABLE! What is your personality? Find it out with a quick test!

    ENFJ "Everything you do right now ripples outward and affects everyone. Your posture can shine your heart or transmit anxiety. Your breath can radiate love or muddy the room in depression. Your glance can awaken joy. Your words can inspire freedom. Your every act can open hearts and minds."...
  11. mdivljina

    Thoughts On "Minimalism" And How It Affects Your Fastlane?

    View: This is another video by Mat D'Avella. He's the guy in OP. I don't subscribe to his channel, but I remembered this video when stumbled upon this thread. It's about an average day in the life of a minimalist. Personally I don't think of myself...
  12. mdivljina

    INTRO Excited to start this journey with you!!! Let's start networking!

    Welcome to the forum! Zagreb, Croatia here. If I'm in Milan for a Derby della Madonnina, I'll be sure to ask you out for a hot espresso ;)
  13. mdivljina

    EXECUTION Kickstarting my own Instagram Marketing Agency

    Do you create contests/giveaways and spread the word via paid ads? Why yes, why not? How's that worked for you? Why did you choose Instagram? Why not AdWords or Facebook? They're both more revenue oriented than just Instagram. What are you trying to accomplish when doing Instagram for your...
  14. mdivljina

    MVP with Google Ads doesn't work?, try the quiz, see what happens. Also, try testing your MVP with display ads instead of search ads.
  15. mdivljina

    Make Money with building Websites: The ultimate Way

    Yes, yes and yes. I so agree with this line. To be honest, I believe I was lucky because my life took a turn where I'm going to be a salesman and not the guy who does code, but that is so true. Good salesmen are always in demand and the 80/20 principle just highlights that. Selling is no...
  16. mdivljina

    Thinking of getting/paying for a MENTOR in consulting. Your experience/thoughts?

    I've had a couple of mentors, but nobody's had the time to devote to me fully. It was a free mentorship of course and those people gave me various viewpoints on various topics. The funniest thing I've discovered is that you can learn everything they say by reading books, applying what you read...
  17. mdivljina

    EXECUTION Many of the TOP 100 forbes billionaires had the same first job... have a guess

    9 cold calls, 3 scheduled presentations, details to be arranged, 2 more guys interested but the logistics are prohibiting us from meeting at the moment and 4 not interested/don't have the budget.
  18. mdivljina

    30 clients in 30 days or money back

    Where you from, so I know where to start when I go international haha. Yea, Croatia is Slavic. It's in between Western Balcans and Central Europe. Yea so I don't have a script script, but a script that serves me as a guideline so I know the course of my call. I switched it up just to see what...
  19. mdivljina

    30 clients in 30 days or money back

    There is one more thing I'd need your point of view on. I called a guy today (he was third and last for today), it might be just calling fatigue (or whatever you call it) because I call one after another, no in between time, and I decided to change the script a bit. Usually I come in and say...
  20. mdivljina

    30 clients in 30 days or money back

    Okay, all great responses, love them all. I had a chuckle when I read the second sentence. Nobody ain't paying me that amount of money in Croatia. When a local service spends 5000HRK (754,71USD) he's a F*cking God. For that client I am getting paid 75,47 USD (or 500HRK) per month. The market...
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