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  1. S.Y.

    List @ The Few People who have Lamborghinis

    Forget the Lambo. Focus on people that have a solid track record. So start listening to what some have said. Some people that replied to this thread are successful in those areas. ...Yet you stand your position.
  2. S.Y.

    Generalist Vs. Specialist

    I am more in the camp of generalists. Or more specifically the T shape individual or the polymaths. And that for few reasons: 1. They say innovation is about connecting things in a new way. And that requires breadth not depth 2. The role of entrepreneurs in my opinion is to put resources...
  3. S.Y.

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Just read The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement. A gem. Saw it as recommended by Jeff Bezos. And man, I loved it. A definite re-read for me. I think MJ said once that he was looking at writing the novel version of Unscripted. This book is an example of what it would look like. Now...
  4. S.Y.

    Are you sure you don't have time ? Facing these addictions affecting your schedule.

    Terrific. The "I have no time" thing is one of the things that puzzles me the most. It is not that you have no time but are not prioritizing. are not deciding how you use your time. Second, to that is "managing time". You don't manage time. You get 24h a day. You manage...
  5. S.Y.

    Somebody Sell Me on "Fastlane Insiders"

    so... I can think of 5 threads that by themselves are worth the subscription. EACH of those thread by himself is worth the subscription.
  6. S.Y.

    INTRO I'm going to be honest... I really don't care.

    All good! If that attitude has worked for him, I can't blame the guy for doing that. Hopefully, by hanging around here, he will realize that confidence - not arrogance - is the way to go. On the same note: View:
  7. S.Y.

    INTRO I'm going to be honest... I really don't care.

    Man is interesting for sure. He makes me think of The Notorious (Conor McGregor). But without the pedigree to back it up. Though I wonder, Conor has been that wild - allegedly - before he was famous. So I wonder if he would've been that successful without his brash side. I think we should...
  8. S.Y.

    Which are some books to get my feet wet into ... how do I call this

    Seconding @MakeItHappen and @YanC on Meditations. But I will actually suggest that you start with Seneca. "Letters From a Stoic" and "On the Shortness of Life". Tao Te Ching by Stephen Mitchell is also an interesting book. I really enjoy the way it is written. Small chapters, small...
  9. S.Y.

    Books for becoming a better storyteller?

    Wired for story - Lisa Cron Sell with a story - Paul Smith Storyworthy - Matthew Dicks
  10. S.Y.

    Another Control Lesson (China clones high profile app game, apple removes original)

    Not necessarily. Let's say you have a system where: 1. Everybody can copy what works 2. By copying, anybody can build wealth 3. Ruthless competition is rewarded 4. To keep your wealth, you must out-think and out-innovate everybody That counterintuitively can lead to innovation. I also...
  11. S.Y.

    Another Control Lesson (China clones high profile app game, apple removes original)

    Please don't get me wrong. Not saying what they did was ok. Just dealing with reality. Which for me is that they can copy what people do without shame, outexecute, rip the benefits and get ahead. We can sit there and debate whether it is good or bad. Though I don't know what we can do. And...
  12. S.Y.

    Another Control Lesson (China clones high profile app game, apple removes original)

    I read a book a while ago about AI. At one point, the author discussed the different entrepreneurial philosophy between China and the west. Something pretty interesting. What he said boils down to the fact Chinese entrepreneurs shamelessly copy and expect their "companies" to be copied by...
  13. S.Y.

    Not sure when to give up on my idea

    If after "couple of months of trying to get the ball rolling" this is the answer you give, just drop the idea. A logo solves a need. I googled "What is a logo". And the first link is from 99designs. I scanned the article. But if I take 5 mins to read it, I will give a much better answer than...
  14. S.Y.

    Not sure when to give up on my idea

    Go back to ground zero: People looking for logo design have a real job they want to get done. What is it? Where/how can you find those people? How can you grab their attention? And once you do, why should they listen to you? Last week I needed a logo to be designed. I was looking for...
  15. S.Y.

    EXECUTION [Progress] Human Longevity Business

    Subbing. Have you looked at @Scot insider thread on building his speciality and @Brewer07 nutrition thread? They might give pointers.
  16. S.Y.

    What is your decision making process?

    "the quality of our lives is the sum of our decisions plus luck" - Annie Duke I have many tools to make decisions. It really depends on the context. There are few I use often. 10-10-10 I ask myself three questions: - how would I feel in 10 mins for now? - what about in 10 months? - what...
  17. S.Y.

    NOTABLE! Audiobooks - Reclaiming your time

    Audiobooks are great! I love them. Though I find that for some books, I need to read to absorb them. Audio just doesn't do it. For others, I pause often to reflect and manipulate what I read in my mind (which removes to the convenience) . Another hack I use to "reclaim my time" that pair well...
  18. S.Y.

    EXECUTION Creation of my Self-Help Brand

    Look at all your affiliate sites, and for each of them ask yourself what is the focus? Getting traffic or adding value to people? Do you think: A. I want to drive traffic. How should I get people to my site? Or B. I want to help people that want to do X. How can I help them and how can I get...
  19. S.Y.

    Storytelling as an Entrepreneur

    - The Moth - Storyworthy - Matthew Dicks - Sell with a story - Paul Smith
  20. S.Y.

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Why we sleep - Matthew Walker
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