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  1. ruzara5

    Protein Bar Brand Idea

    This can be done. Could find base proteins from organic compounds and suppliers. Then test. Then process. Yes.
  2. ruzara5

    Where do you work from? Home vs Office

    Work from home about 50% of the time now. Then at places like coffee houses and hotels about 25%. Another 25% out of my automobile.
  3. ruzara5

    I just opened my first store (not final photos) should I advertise already?

    Site looks targeted. Checked out the towels. This looks really good. Just get the traffic rolling.
  4. ruzara5

    Buying your way into the fastlane with debt

    Got to keep the control. Initial projects in the fastlane need to be getting resonance from the customer. Grow the customer base. Grow the income base. Improve the product response. Process the month to month and expand into the quarterly. Credit needs to be removed until it can be managed and...
  5. ruzara5

    Industry Disruption / Disruptive Innovation

    Right. Like Commodore/Amiga 2000 to Windows 95. On the software side. Fanfare. Little disruption. Huge endless market.
  6. ruzara5

    BOOK Deep Work by Cal Newport: Is it worth it?

    Yes. Started on it. Interesting.
  7. ruzara5

    EXECUTION Building a Luxury Business

    Maybe some CENTS. Bespoke as a niche and lux is evergreen. Combined with a unique product. Could carve a path.
  8. ruzara5

    Help with picking my next phone

    Phones. Here is a moderate phone that is interesting. moto g7
  9. ruzara5

    No ideas? No opportunities? Seriously?!

    Read the article. Wow. Phoenix got it all. Including sunshine :cool: Now back to the word on automation. Looks like a lot of the industries and services are above the bar. CENTS business opportunities? They are occurring right in this forum. Healthcare, insurance. One is the tool of software and...
  10. ruzara5

    Should I be worried about capitalism changing? Or am I overthinking it?

    True. Neofeudalism, Communism, ism in general. Move towards the free market. Smile.
  11. ruzara5

    Should I be worried about capitalism changing? Or am I overthinking it?

    It is about things that are "beyond" the control of the 'system'. Free market is and will be. If you are a afraid to fail. You are unfair. Nothing in life worth living is 'fair'. People saying 'things' will be fair cannot deliver and will be unfair. Capitalism? It is. It is not going to have any...
  12. ruzara5

    O/T: HEALTH Apple cider vinegar?

    Yes. That "mother" green and red label. It helps with it. Very good product in many ways. ;)
  13. ruzara5

    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2019?

    Happy new year 2019 fastlane forum people.:cool: -:cool:Will write one book in the fiction ebook category in first quarter. - :cool:Will respond to at two posts on FLForum. -:cool:Will generate 100+plus sales in the niche market have been researching.
  14. ruzara5

    RANT I'm 29 Years Old With Nearly $1,000,000 In Debt!

    Here you should start. Already. With some research and testing. You could start to dig out of this morass. You nosed in for the degree. NOW. Get into a mentality shift and get some hustle started. It can be done.
  15. ruzara5

    Training & online learning company

    One step. Break it down into pieces. It will fit together.
  16. ruzara5

    Everybody Starts Their Own Business

    Interesting. No this is not the case. One instance is that some people choose a job. A fastlaner in the making. Probably started with a job that you 'hate'. Possibly applied a CENTs based approach to a 'problem'. Keeping this short. They changed the lives and impacted the market. Possibly en...
  17. ruzara5

    NOTABLE! Going "All-In" on ONE cryptocurrency... which?

    Ethereum. Why? It is a fairly stable HODL.
  18. ruzara5

    I don't care about money

    Those that know why. Know how. Be internally happy while solving a problem. Scale. Serve a solution. Get some experience. Resolve to improve. Happiness in some instances is a multifaceted event. Get a job you hate. Work on something the solves a huge problem. Smile.:cool: Create a better...
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